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Episode Guide Voltron Force

Voltron Force is the latest offering of Voltron but unlike the comic re-adaptations they instead chose to create the show as a sequel to the original TV show. The core characters are now older (some have apparently had some cosmetic surgery but nothing as major as V3D) and the uniforms, castle technology and Voltron itself have been ‘modernized’. They’ve added three new ‘cadet’ characters (which are often times more aggravating than not)

The animation is a mix of classic cel feel and cartoon stylized 3D CGI. All and all I enjoy the show. I like most of the upgrades, animation and plots, though my logical mind cannot fathom why they haven’t kicked Daniel to the curb and sent Larmina to military school long ago. If you can grimace past those parts it’s a good show. Change I love the most, the silly space mince got changed into cybernetic mice the same as the Devils Due comic did so they're actually tolerable!

1 New School Defenders

Voltron had been victorious over Lotor at the victory celebration the loins went nuts and attacked the city. Sky Marshal Wade had the lions decommissioned. A young Daniel who and long dreamed of flying the Back lion was crushed. Choosing the next best thing he enrolled in the academy where he met Vince their class gets a visit from flight instructor Lance. Keith meets up with Manset to bribe him for information on Wade’s secret base but he his double-crossed, or so he first thinks. Lance recruits Daniel and Vince into the Den to use them to get to Wade.

Plot Bunny:  Lance is now ranked Commander and is the youngest head flight instructor the academy ever had.

Plot Bunny:  Hunk and Pidge are tech sergeants in the Alliance.

Plot Bunny:  Keith is a wanted fugitive.

Plot Bunny: The ‘Den’ is the old team secretly working against the Alliance and is aiding Keith in his covert hunt for the Black lion.

Plot Bunny: The Voltcom can analyze others clothing and mimic it.

Plot Bunny: Wade sabotaged the lions to turn everyone against them.

2 Defenders of Arus

Commander Kala working with Maahox to harness the power of Haggarium. Allura gives a tour of the castle to Daniel and Vince and they meet Larmina, Allura’s nice they are given Voltcoms and Lance begins to train them on their use. Keith escaping Wade's secret base in the Black is being pursued, but with weapons systems broken and power down all he can do is evade. Maahox uses the power of harnessed Haggarium to raise Lotor form the dead and they send a robeast to Arus. Having no choice Allura and lance go against GA orders and used the Lions to defend Arus.

Plot Bunny:  Voltcoms are powered by the Lions.

Plot Bunny:  The classroom on Arus is a hollodeck.

Plot Bunny: Haggarium is the power that was released when Witch Haggar was defeated.

3 Defenders of the Universe

Wade petitions the Galactic Alliance to have the Voltron Force arrested and the Lions destroyed, but Coran protests showing evidence that there is evil brewing in the galaxy and the force was only acting in Arus’s defense. Wade lets loose is drone robots on the council and captures Coran.

On Arus Lance and Keith are still struggling with working with one another again. Daniel and Vince stumble upon Alfor’s tomb. While Larmina takes the cadets exploring Wade’s bot army arrives and takes Allura, Keith and Lance into custody. Hunk Larmina and Daniel manage to break them free just as Lotor’s armies attack. Wade’s automated army engages the Doom forces but are no match.

With the Black still out of commission Larmina and Keith go hand to hand against the invading Doom forces as well as Wades Bots while the rest scramble the Lions to intercept the robeast leaving Vince to keep working on the Black Lion.

The force finds a giant Haggarium web spinning spider. Wade also seeing it releases his secret creation, a mind controlled giant robot Lion based on the Black. The spider is able to capture the Lion in its web and merge with it. The Lions prove no match as the Haggarium infused webs weaken them.

Vince goes into a trance as his Voltcom activates and magically repairs the Black lion and in so doing makes it resistant to Haggarium. The Black joins the fight and for the first time in years they are able to form Voltron. Vince goes into a trance again and patches all the other Lions so they to no longer suffer from Haggarium’s effects. Voltron is then able to skewer the spider on its Blazing Sword.

Plot Bunny: “You may remember not too long ago when the same was said about another group of inexperienced young hooligans.” Lance

Plot Bunny: "I’ve been fighting on my own for a long time now. I’m used to it.” Keith to Allura

Plot Bunny: Vince’s powers begin to manifest.

4 Coran, Coran

Coran escapes from Wade’s clutches to Arus and tells the force that they must destroy Wades secret base before he can build his army. Lance and Keith are continuing to butt heads over leadership issues. The original team head off to destroy the base leaving the cadets behind. Vince starts to hear voices in his head. The force discovers Wade has Coran in the base and the whole thing is a trap. Back on Arus the cadets discover the other Coran is a robot who plans to set off a bomb in the castle.

Plot Bunny: The Voltcoms allow the Lions to use unique powers depending on who is piloting

Plot Bunny: Alfor’s ghost unlocks Vince’s voltcom powers

Plot Bunny: The cadets find the home of the lair

5 Joyride To Doom

Pidge wants to get a sample of the dark energy to study it. The cadets frustrated with their studies steal the Black, Blue and Red lions and decide to go to Doom and get it for him but they are captured by Lotor. Lotor leads an attack on Arus, the force discovering the stolen lions. They go out to fight with what they have. During the attack Lotor captures Allura. The cadets manage to escape Doom and join the battle and Allura is freed. Lotor empower by Haggarium almost defeats them cutting Voltron into pieces, but the sleeping power in Vince comes to life and awakens dormant powers in Voltron. The red center forms and they defeat the Doom army and kills Lotor… but death didn’t stop Lotor before, and Maddox resurrects him again.

Plot Bunny: The Haggarium begins to give Lotor super strength.

Plot Bunny: Lotor still has his eyes set on Allura

Plot Bunny: Vince’s biology has the same power as Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Keith and Lace re-bond during some good o’l face to face Doom ass kicking time.

Plot Bunny: Haggarium has the power to weaken the Voltcoms, the Lions and Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Vince unlocks the power of the rotating centers of Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Red Center’s weapon is guns.

6 "The Hunkyard"

For class Hunk takes the cadets to his private scrap heap, the Hunkyard so they can make crush cars.

Plot Bunny: Hunk was a crush car derby racer with his dad. 

7 "Lion Riders Return"

Using the virtual lion fighting game Pidge designed a youth from Planet Ariel is able to contact the Voltron Force for help.

The Force heads to Ariel and meets the Lion Riders who tell them their planet is under siege by Wade as he mines it for resources.

While the original force goes off with the Lion Riders the Cadets meet up with Digo from the game and he takes them into the caves where Vince connects with the ancient spirits of the planet.

Plot Bunny: Coreite is a powerful metal found on Arial.

Plot Bunny: Ancient carvings on Ariel hint of Voltron’s past.

Plot Bunny: Voltron is able to draw power from the energies of Ariel.

8 Flash Forms a Go!

A Volcanic eruption on Arus threatens nearby farms, the lions jump in to mitigate the damage. Upon plugging the volcano they discover that it was not a natural occurrence, finding multiple holes dug into the base of the volcano.

When they get back to the castle they discover there are holes all over Arus as if whatever was digging was specifically looking for the Lions. Pidge scans and finds a fast moving object. Lance and Daniel go up in the Red to investigate to find a craft moving faster than anything they have.

They try to form Voltron but the ship is so fast it breaks them apart mid formation every time they try to unite. As the team regroups and Pidge works on speed upgrades Daniel and Vince sneak off in the red to test Daniel’s Voltcom Power to discover it is SPEED.

Plot Bunny: The Lion Tails have grappling hooks.

Plot Bunny: Daniel’s Voltcom power is speed boost and Flash form Voltron which allows Voltron to assemble in a breath.

Plot Bunny: The ‘eye beasts’ eye was Maddox’s robotic eye.

9 Dark Blue

Vince is having nightmares and goes to Alfor's crypt to talk his insecurities out with the spacemice where Allura finds him and gives him a pep talk.

The team go to intercept a shipment of Haggarium and Vince goes with them. Cossack sensing defeat sets the Haggarium tanker to self-destruct. Vince senses this and launches over to the tanker to try and shut it down. His Voltcom power is activated and he disables the self-destruct sequence from completing but the ship is severely damaged. The tanker crashes into the watery world of Posidus and sinks into its fathomless depths.

Vince manages to escape with the help of a mind controlled sea creature but there is a Haggarium leak and beginning to infect the sea creatures. Voltron with blue at its center manages to freeze the Haggarium and take it to the surface.

Plot Bunny: Lions have ‘probe pods’ that can be manned.

Plot Bunny: Vince’s personal Voltcom power is to mind link to computers.

10 Wanted and Unwanted

Keith goes on a covert mission but Daniel follows him. Unfortunately for Daniel Keith’s plan was to get himself captured and sent to the Void, Wade’s legendary hidden prison for is most important prisoners to rescue the Chief of the Lion Riders. Wade was tipped off to the plan and intercepts Keith. Daniel meets Mansset and he tells the Cadet of Keith’s plan to kill the generator. With the help of a spacemouse smuggled in by Keith Daniel gets their Voltcoms back and tries to get to the generator himself.

Plot Bunny: The Voltcoms can jump onto their owner’s wrist.

11 Predator Robeast

Maahox has designed five robeasts, each made to combat a specific lion and they seek them out at their lairs. On Arus the cadets are training with the castle’s defensive systems. Lotor’s command ship arrives and the lions scramble but as each one launches it is beaten down before they can get off the ground. Vince hooks into the castle using his mind link to push back the robeast on Keith’s Lion while Daniel and Larmina head off in their vehicles to help free Hunk. When the Lions all break free Maahox energizes his robeast so they can merge into one giant robeast. Voltron flash-forms and engages the beast but it proves to be too powerful for them, the Blazing Sword breaking in the fight. As the beast moves to finish them off Maahox breaks it apart and pulls it back to use again another day.

Plot Bunny: PB Blazing Sword can break.

Plot Bunny: Photographer Larmina seems to have a crush on Daniel

Banter full Episode

Keith: Allura can you hear me? I’m heading your way.
Lance: Oh sure, you get to be the chivalrous one. Allura I would have come for you first if I didn’t have a mechanical goat bull thing standing on my head.
Allura to Lance (sarcastically): I’m touched by your intentions.

Hunk after being rescued: Let’s go get Pidge.
Lance: So I’m the bottom guy on the priority totem pole? I’m going to be reassessing my relationship with ALL of you.

Lance: Oh hey guys! I know, you just left me for last because you knew I could use my superior skills to hold out the longest.
Keith (sarcastically) Yes, Lance. That’s exactly why.
Lance: I don’t find your sarcasm believable.

12 Hungry for Voltron

Allura gives a lecture to the cadets on diplomacy and political correctness. Prince Sypat of planet Ebb contacts Arus about making an alliance against wades forces, Keith and Lance sense it’s a trap but Allura won’t give up on any hope and decides to go against their warning taking Coran and Larmina with her. Once there they attend a welcoming dinner. Coran notices things are not right but before they can act Wade crashes the party. Wade captures them and sets up an arena spectacle with his robots vs Allura, Coran and the Blue lion as the entertainment and broadcasts it to the galaxies. With Sypat’s help Larmina is able to escape and turn the broadcast into a humiliation for Wade.

Plot Bunny: Voltron can form with only 4 Lions.

Plot Bunny: Ebb topography is the same as earth. Whether it intentional or lazy background artist using satellite earth’s maps it could make for an interesting bunny.

13 Clash of the Lions

14 Inside the Music

Allura asks Lamina to organize the Great Galactic Music Festival but she is having trouble contacting her favorite band Stereolatic. Lotor plots to crash the party.

Plot Bunny: Pidge leads a double life as the star DJ Stereolatic

15 Rogue Trip

Cadets go on Pizza run road trip with thier ships Awesometron where they meet rich kid Voltron super fan Dudley. Pidge and Hunk try to repair the Black's nexus but the Black runs off on his own, Keith going out on foot to track the cat down.

Plot Bunny: Keith apparently has a motorcycle

16 Brains

Lotor goes to Balto to try and get the information they have on Voltron. Pidge has been trying to contact his brother Chip for a week and hasn't been able to contact anyone else from Balto. The force heads there to find out what is wrong to find the people have been turned into zombies. (ninja scientist zombies) Lotor turns himsefl into a robeast to fight Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Intergalactic Ninja Appreciation Day is an annual holiday on Balto.

Plot Bunny: Baltans were the original programers of Voltron

17 Ghost in the Lion

The team is taking some recrational time on Arus Beach when Blue Lion seamingly on its own attacks them only to discover a rouge pilot who seemed to know a lot about the lions has talked it. They track it the lion to the frozen planet Krydor.

Allura against Keith's orders goes out on her own to find the Lion. She tracks it down and discovers its Sven. Maahox captures Sven's boy and Allura.

Plot Bunny: "Never take off your Voltcom." Keith

Plot Bunny: Haggar's cat biting Sven back in LF ep 6 gave him Hagarrium poisoning.

Plot Bunny: Sven is from Krydor.

Plot Bunny: Nanny is still alive and living on Arus.

18 Gary

'Trouble with Tribbels' meets 'Ghostbusters' Voltron style as the castle is overrun by 'Gary's'. One Gary gets into Votron's nexus scrabling its sytems.

Plot Bunny: "If it's what Allura wants its what I want." Keith

19 Five Forged

Trying to fix the Black triggers a security protocol than sends the Lions back to Ariel where they were created. The team has to pass five trials to prove their worthiness to fly Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Voltron was forged on Ariel with the collaboration of five worlds. Balto, Ariel, Earth, Arus and ...

20 Dradin, Baby, Dradin

The Voltron force heads to Manset's resort the Leisure Dome on planet Dradin for some R and R. Soon after their arrival Manset is kidnapped by Drules and Keith and Lance go after him. Meanwhile the cadets steal the Black to take a local on a joy ride who diced the Black could use some cosmetic modifications.

21 I, Voltron

Wade is bought up on charges by the Galaxy Alliance Council. Vince is working on a mind link unit with Voltron bur when Daniel tries it on his mind gets zapped. When his mind wakes up it is in Voltron. Wade is broken out of custody by the spider robeast. Daniel as Voltron decides to go after himself discovering wade has merged with the robeast. He is unable to access Voltron’s weapons by himself and is captured by the spider. Vince is able to free Daniel’s mind but upon resorting it they gain a telepathic link.

Plot Bunny: Coran is President of the Galaxy Alliance Council

Plot Bunny: Wade’s first name is Herbert

Plot Bunny: Daniel and Vince gain a telepathic bond

22 Crossed Signals

Arus receives an out-of-date encrypted distress call from an explorer ship and goes to investigate. When they fins the ship they discover it was listed as missing 100 years ago. The tea go to investigate the ship while leaving the cadets to watch the lions. One on board the ship begins playing back distress recordings addressed to Commander Kogane which is Keith’s last name, the recordings pleading for the Black Lion to come to their aid.

Plot Bunny: The Drules of 100 years ago were after whatever was on the explorer ship.

Plot Bunny: Kenneth Kogane was Keith’s father’s name.

Plot Bunny: Keith’s great grandfather was a Knight of Arus.

Plot Bunny: Arus’s holographic technology existed 100 years ago.

23 Roots of Evil

Maddox is working on seeds to grow more Haggarium. On Arus Allura is hosting a people’s forum where the people of Arus can come for assistance from the royal family. Allura is conflicted between her duties as monarch and as a member of a Voltron Force and not having enough time to dedicate to both of them. Maddox gives seeds to a farmer on Arus and a Haggarium tree grows and starts capturing his livestock. While the force is dealing with an unnatural earthquake Daniel and Larmina go to investigate, Daniel’s Haggarium posing flaring to out of control when near the tree.

Plot Bunny: The period of fighting with Zarkon was called the Zarkonian Wars.

Plot Bunny: Larmina learns of Daniel’s Haggarium poisoning.

Plot Bunny: Allura passes on the key to the Blue to Larmina, stepping down as a member of the force.

24 The Army Of One

Coran takes Allura on a diplomatic mission so that the force can prepare a secret coronation for her. Maddox makes an army of Lotors. The army of Lotors attacks but Lotor’s ego proves to be its own worst enemy as when Voltron fens being knocked down they attack one another for the honor of delivering the killing blow. There real Lotor brings with him a backup plan of the predator robeast.

Plot Bunny: Daniel and Vince can share Voltcom powers

Plot Bunny: Pidge gives the Green key to Vince so he can focus on castle defense.

25 Deceive and Conquer  

Lotor in his hunger for Haggarium gets a supercharge from the newly constructed Castle of Doom. The “Lider” As dubbed by the Force, seeks out Maahox for payback. Lotor seeing the chance to stretch his new Haggarium muscles takes on the giant spider himself. The spider is able to grab Lotor and Lotor’s essence merges with Kala and Wade’s to become a super beast.

Daniel’s Haggarium infection is getting worse. He is able to feel what is going on on Doom and informs the team and they head off to investigate. New pilots Larmina and Vince going solo while Daniel takes back seat to Keith.

They take on the new Lotor. Daniel through his Haggarium infection is able to see into Lotor’s mind and predict his moves and they are able to defeat Lotor. Keith feeling that that fight finally revealed Daniel’s leadership potential passes the key to the Black to Daniel.

Maahox revives Lotor’s corpse once more, but this time only to show him that he was merely a pawn in Maahox’s plan as the new castle of Doom Transforms into a Squid like SuperRobeast. Maahox controlling the beast attacks Lotor and destroys Doom.

Plot Bunny: Daniel can feel Haggarium energy shifts across the galaxy.

Plot Bunny: Allura wants Keith to be her King.

Plot Bunny: “This isn’t just about what I want.” Keith on becoming King.

Plot Bunny: Keith Passes the Black to Daniel.

26 Black

On Arus Pidge is busy upgrading the castlesweapons systems while Keith is training a new National Guard.

Maahox piloting the new Castle Doom Robeast attacks the Galactic Alliance base on Earth, Coran radios Arus for help. The team for the first time led by Daniel takes off to intercept. Daniel chooses to ignore Lance’s recommendations to weaken the beast and orders a Flash Form attack at the head of the beast. The squid like castle is able to easily grab onto Voltron and rip it apart, back into its five lion form. Lance orders Daniel to stand down as leader and regroups the team into an organized assault but Daniel ignores him going at the beast alone. Keith orders Daniel to regroup with the team but Daniel wont back down and he is quickly take out by the robeast.

Allura goes to her father to beg for help. Alfor as his final gift to his daughter transforms the castle into a flying fortress. (I guess they all forgot the castle could do that???) And they launch to earth. The castle takes on Maddox giving the lions a diversion to regroup but the black is still out. Coran rendezvous with them allowing Keith to ride a tentacle down to the fight and take back Black. With Keith back in command Voltron is able to use some old school tactics to weaken the robeast and with a final leaping downward thrust, takes him out.

Back on Arus Keith officially takes back the Black from Daniele, reminding him that Voltron is not one person but a team.

At the end of the episode there is foreshadowing of what was to come in Season 2 but sadly that season seems not meant to be.

Plot Bunny: The Castle is able to supercharge the Blazing Sword.

Plot Bunny:The head of Voltron can also do a Lion Head Attack.

Plot Bunny: Keith tales back Command of Voltron and the Black Lion.

Plot Bunny:Daniel still has his Haggarium infection and at some point in the future turns on the team


Voltron here and we kicking down the door

5-6 Get with it!
We blazin’ for the swords and you can’t get away.

7-8 We’re great!
We run the universe and we here to stay.

9-10 We here to win!
Voltron here let the games begin.

Let’s Voltron
Let’s Voltron
Let’s Voltron

Form up! Let's go!
All night. Let's go alright. We gonna rock n roll.
Let’s go. Who wanna rock n roll.