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Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fleet of Doom

The Drule empire and Planet doom join forces to destroy the galactic alliance and destroy their power bases. the Alliance calls on Arus and the Expoloer to defeat them. Zarkon reused to let Haggar help, she decides to go against his wishes and prove that magic is more powerful than thecnogy. Haggar captures Alluras spirt. King Alfor sends Keith into a dream world to bring her back.

Plot Bunny: Haggar used to be good until Zarkon seduced her to the Dark side.

Plot Bunny: Keith hostlers his gun in his white boots!

Crossover Clips in Episodes

LV 47 Summit Meeting

The Drules refuses to send aid to Zarkon

LV 50 Zarkon Becomes a Robeast

The Druel empire plots to have Lotor take over for Zarkon

LV 51 Lotor the King

The Drule Empire hears of Zarkon’s defeat and Hazar fears losing the whole Doom controlled galaxy

LV 52 Final Victory

Pidge sends Chip on the Explorer a letter and we meet some of the Explorer Team

VV 35 Letters from Home

Chip gets a letter from Pidge. Pidge tells him about the Princess, being the left arm of Voltron and the space mice.