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The Lion Voltron Episodes
Season One

Voltron’s first season was a re-edit redub of the original Japanese show 'GoLion'. The original show was considered much too violent for American TV so it was tamed down and had its story lines adapted for the US. As such the storyline we know is far from that of the original show.

In 'GoLion' Arus is a planet Altea that was nearly destroyed. The team were escaped slaves originally taken from an post-apocalyptic Earth. The Galaxy Garrison cutaway shots are really clips from a totally different show called 'Armored Fleet Dairugger XV' that Vehicle Voltron was created from. The so called ‘robots’ in the attacking armies were never really robots but very much alive, they being called ‘robots’ to make the violence against people and Voltron’s hack and slashing more palatable.

GoLion is an extremely good and at times powerfully emotional show and I highly recommend that every fan should collect it, just be sure to forget about what you thought you knew about Voltron when watching. GoLion's plots are much more deep and logical than Voltron, Keep in mind you may not want to let young kids watch as there are valid reasons WEP needed to change it for American afternoon TV.

Well enough about the history, on with the show we grew up on Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

1 Space Explorers Captured

A Galaxy Garson Space Explorer Air Unit Team goes to Arus to find the entire planet under attack by Zarkon’s armies. They fly down to inspect the devastation when they are captured by doom and taken as slaves to be used as arena sport. They manage to escape from their holding cell and steal a slave ship. Their ship is attacked by Yurack. The statue of the Black lion shoots out a beam to guide them and stabilize their crash.

Continuity Note: At the opening of this they use shots of Jeff and Rocky of Vehicle Voltron as Garrison uniform wearing stand-ins for Keith and Hunk. So if you thought Keith and Hunk looked weird, you’re right, it wasn’t them.

Plot Bunny: Doom is 2,000 light years away from Earth

Plot Bunny: The team has been on tough missions before. “The Space Explorers are thoroughly trained in survival and self-defense. This isn’t the first time they have been in a tight spot.”

Plot Bunny: Graham and the team knew about the legend of Voltron.

Plot Bunny: There is tower dungeon caller the 'Castle of Dungeons' on Doom.

Plot Bunny: The Space Explorers were tattooed with the slave mark skull on their forearms.

Plot Bunny: Pidge has inhuman leaping ability and Hunk inhuman strength.

Plot Bunny: Hunk is afraid of heights.

Plot Bunny: Space Explores are trained on the use of Doom technology.

Plot Bunny: Haggar disguised as a goddess put a curse on Voltron, splitting it into its five lions.

2 Escape to Another Planet

The team crash lands in a desert on Arus ejecting to safety before the ship impacts. They are attacked by locals who were hiding in the caves but frightened them off. They hike their way to find the castle they saw when crashing hearing the sound of the Lion statue growling as they get closer. The castle’s drawbridge drops and doors opens to greet them. Inside they are greeted by Coran and meet Princess Allura.

Plot Bunny: “The space explores have much more than luck on their side.” Graham

Plot Bunny: Keith title is Commander.

Plot Bunny: Coran’s previous job was castle diplomat

Plot Bunny: Arus is in the Diamond Galaxy

Plot Bunny: Most of the people of Arus were taken as slaves.

Plot Bunny: Coran and Allura are the only survivors of the royal court.

Plot Bunny: The team was sent to Arus to find Voltron.

Plot Bunny: The team is given the uniforms of the prior Voltron force to wear.

3 A Ghost and Four Keys

Pidge goes out to recon as the others go to find the keys in Alfor’s tomb where the ghost of Alfor greets them but there are only 4 of the keys, they key to the Black Lion missing. Pidge gets in to trouble and calls for help. Allura gives them permission to use the lions. Haggar releases a robeast on the planet and it proves too much for the four lions.

Plot Bunny: The team was pre trained in how to fly the Lions

Plot Bunny: King Alfor’s last wish was to be entombed with the lion keys

Plot Bunny: Arus’ scientists were the most advanced in the galaxy.

Plot Bunny: Alfor’s ghost appears before Coran and Allura for the first time.

Plot Bunny: The belt buckles of the Voltron Force uniforms are removable communicators

4 The Missing Key

Pidge gets help from the people living in hiding and they show him a secret underground way back to the castle. The team regroups at the castle to try and find the missing key. They discover that the mice took it. With Allura’s permission the team goes out to defeat the attacking force and they assemble Voltron for the first time.

Plot Bunny: King Alfor had escape tunnels dug from the castle.

Plot Bunny: Keith’s other title is Captain

Plot Bunny: Allura was an only child and seldom saw her parents.

Plot Bunny: Allura can speak telepathically to the space mice.

5 The Princess Joins Up

Zarkon holds a tournament to find the strongest gladiator to turn it into a Robeast to defeat Voltron. The Voltron force goes out to try and get some of the people of Arus to help them but they are too frightened to come out of hiding. A Robeast attacks and the team go out to defend. While the robeast keeps Voltron busy Yurack attacks the castle to raze it to the ground. Coran and Allura retreat to the safety of the crypt. Alfor reveals a secret, a fully modernized castle that had been hidden under the old stone one. Allura man’s one of the new gun turrets to fight off the attack.

Plot Bunny: “Voltron doesn’t attack anyone, he’s the defender.” Allura

Plot Bunny: Zarkon wants Allura as his slave. Keith’s hackles get raised at that thought.

Plot Bunny: Alfor created Voltron

Plot Bunny: Castle guards begin to show up in the castle

6 The Right Arm of Voltron

The people inspired by Voltron back in action and the new castle begin to come out of hiding and Allura holds a banquet for the people. Haggar goes to Arus with plan to take out one of the pilots to disable Voltron. Allura and the team take extra food out to a destroyed village and pass it out. Haggar using the opportunity to lure a pilot away uses her blue cat as bait. Lance (Mr Right Arm) chases after it and gets caught in Haggar’s magic net. Sven seeing him run off chases after him and cuts him free. Haggar tries to trick Sven but he sees though her illusion and attacks. When he is attacking her cat distracts him so the Robeast can strike him down.

Plot Bunny: Planet Ebb has the closest nearby doctor.

Plot Bunny: In the original GoLion show the Sven character is mortally wounded in this episode. His funeral was cut out of the American version. (the Sven later in the season was his brother in the orig GoLion show.)


7 The Lion Has New Claws

An alarm goes off in the castle in the middle of the night, the team (minus Hunk who can't be woken up) get up to investigate finding an intruder. Pidge takes her down only to discover its Allura’s governess, Nanny. The Alarms go off again the team rushing to control to discover Allura has taken the Blue lion. Keith manages to talk her down from a near crash landing. When Allura insists on going out again Nanny pulls her over her knee and spanks her. Nanny goes off to a neighboring village to find someone else they can train to fly. When a Robeast attacks Coran ties up Allura so she can’t go out and fight but the mice free her.

Plot Bunny: Hunk is a heavy sleeper.

Plot Bunny: The space mice sleep in Allura’s bedroom’s chandelier.

Plot Bunny: You mean theses scoundrels work for the Princess? You’re nothing but a bunch of hoodlums!” Nanny

Plot Bunny: "The Princess’ place is in the castle.” Coran

Plot Bunny: Allura gets spanked by Nanny in front of the team.

Plot Bunny: Hagar’s Blue cat is named Coba.

8 The Stolen Lion

The Team is out giving Allura a crash course in how to fly the Blue but she is pushed too far too fast and loses control. A ship seeing her plight locked a tractor beam onto her ship slowing her descent. Prince Bocar who saved her turns out to be a real snake, literally! Lance not trusting him from the start.

Plot Bunny: The lions will only work for those who are worthy of them.

Plot Bunny: At the end of the episode Allura has a little daydream about falling in love with a handsome face.

9 A Pretty Spy

One of Zarkon’s ships being pursued by more of them is shot down on Arus. Hunk goes out to investigate the crash. There he finds an unconscious slave from Doom. Twyla wakes and tells them the story of how her family wans captured but she managed to escape. The team fantasize about getting revenge against Zarkon but Keith doesn’t buy her story, Hunk threatening him with bodily harm for even thinking such a thing.

Plot Bunny: Other women are now working in the castle.

Plot Bunny: Unlike prior episodes in this episode the boys all bunked in the same room

Plot Bunny: Keith senses Twyla’s magic looking in on them outside their door.

Plot Bunny: The castle's interior has day and night lighting settings.

Plot Bunny: Lance wins the victory 'thanks for saving me' smooch from Allura even though Keith was the one who did the rescuing. “It was really Keith, but who’s keeping score?” Lance (Um lance, I think keith is.)

Corny Speech Alert! "She will. Because wherever there are forces of evil in these far flung galaxies they’ll soon be defeated by Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Keith

10 Secret of the White Lion

Haggar casts a spell on Allura, she has a dream in which her mother comes to her and sends her off to seek the white lion. She runs out of the castle in her nightgown getting past the guards and into the forest. Nanny discovering her missing sets off the alarm and the rest of the team go out in search for her in the Lions. Lance finds her and smells it’s a trap but is unable to convince Allura. He tries to rescue her but the lion captures him in a net ray. The rest of the team arrive the white lion soon capturing Pidge and Hunk it then chases after Keith but he gets away. Haggar ties up those captured and then turns the lion into a lion beast to finish them all off. Keith distracts it away. The blue lion appears with Coran at the controls and Nanny along with him but their attempt at a rescue washes Haggar and Allura into a river distracting Keith and the Beast from their fight to go after them.

Plot Bunny: Coran is a terrible pilot.

Plot Bunny: They must keep spare uniforms in the lions as apparently Allura was able to change out of her nightgown in there. (Unless nanny packed it, lol)

Plot Bunny: Allura’s mother’s tomb is on a hill outside of the castle.

Plot Bunny: Flying a lion is “…undignified and beneath your station…” Nanny to the Princess.

Corny Speech Alert! “And you don’t need that help, Princess. You’re a real member of the Voltron Force. Together we’ll bring peace to this planet once more and fend off any attack. We’ll win because we will always have the support of Voltron Defender of the Universe.” Keith

11 Surrender

Haggar casts a spell to bring hell to Arus as the skies turn to blood and red rain down upon the planet igniting fires everywhere. Keith, Lance and Hunk go to deal with the fires as Allura and Pidge evacuate a village but as the villagers evacuate Yurack captures them for slaves.

Plot Bunny: Pidge has a younger sister in the Space Explores on Terra.

12 Bad Birthday Party

For his birthday King Zarkon plans a visit to planet Nemon where they mine the mineral Nemonium. Prince Tabor Zarkon’s nephew who heads operations there has constructed a statue of Zarkon. A young slave boy Jai steals a ship and goes to Arus to get Voltron’s help. The force decides to make the dangerous journey to Nemon.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon has a nephew.

Corny Speech Alert: “People of Nemon are safe and free again and whenever any world across the vastness of space is threatened with injustice or cruelty good people everywhere can rest assured there is one that will always be ready to help. Voltron Defender of the Universe." Keith

13 The Witch Gets a Facelift

A carrier hawk comes to the castle with message, Allura racing to control in just a towel to find out that that Allura’s aunt Queen Orla who was long thought dead is coming for a visit. Which Haggar uses the opportunity capturing Orla and uses a spell to disguise herself as the Queen. The mice know something is wrong but Allura dismisses their warnings. Haggar calls for her cat to rid her of the mice. Pidge spots it and tells the guys Keith putting two and two together that Orla may be Haggar in disguise.

Plot Bunny: Queen Orla is Allura’s mother’s sister

Plot Bunny: Nanny has been Allura’s caretaker since the day she was born.

14 Yurak Gets His Pink Slip

Yurak attacks Arus and again is sent packing by the Lions. Prince Lotor returns to planet Doom from his travels conquering and plundering throughout the galaxy. Lotor is made commander and chief of the warriors of Doom. Lotor has a plan and goes to Arus to challenge one of the force to one on one combat to separate them and then unleash Yurak the robeast on them.

Plot Bunny: Lotor was taken with Allura at first sight.

Corny Speech Alert! "Lotor your evil forces will never destroy us because the Voltron Force fights on the side of justice and freedom." Keith

15 Give Me Your Princess

As the result of the death of Yurak Lotor takes command of Doom's armies making destroying Voltron their top priority. On Arus Allura sneaks off to learn how to fly the Black Lion. Lotor attacks and the Black Lion is soon taken down then knowing Allura flies the Blue Lotor focuses his attacks there so he can capture her. Keith in the Blue orders the others to help the Black while he takes on Lotor. Lotor, surprised by the Blue’s extream aggression retreats. The team all give Allura the cold shoulder for taking Keith’s Lion without permission. Allura decides the only power she has to save her planet is to give herself to Lotor. The team goes to save her, Keith getting wounded in the process.

Plot Bunny: Lotor has a thing for blonds, his entire harem of slaves is full of them.

Plot Bunny: The windows of the castle have metal doors than can close over them.

Plot Bunny: Keith gets gashed by Lotor’s laser sword across the back while saving Allura.

* 16 Bridge Over the River Chozzerai

The legend of the love bridge that joined the villages of Altair and Heleena has inspired a local villages to reenact the events of the legend. They ask the princess to play the role of the young woman but who will play the role of her love? Lance, Hunk and Pidge volunteer and compete to see who will get to play the role of Allura’s Love. while Keith decides to stay behind in case of emergency (mighty suspicious if you ask me ;) or he could have got a look at the outfit he’d had to wear, lol) Hunk (who won the contest) and Allura take their lions to the event. They start the reenactment celebration but the party is crashed by Lotor who intends to take Allura as his bride.

Plot Bunny: Arusian lore speaks of a Goddess of Love

Plot Bunny: Pidge had a deck of Playing Cards on him so card games must be common. (or maybe he has a magic act, lol)

Plot Bunny: Haggar can see through the eye of her cat.

Plot Bunny: Lotor Plans to take Allura for his bride.

Plot Bunny: Once Voltron is assembled the Black Lion can control all the others.

Plot Bunny: Yellow Lion gets damaged and is the first lion they had to bring into sick bay for repairs.

17 My Brother is a Robeast

The story of Pollux. King Cova of Pollux has plotted with Zarkon to rid himself of his troublesome neighbor once and for all, Planet Arus. He agrees to have his best fighter his own son Prince Avok to be turned into a robeast. Zarkon sends Cova’s son into the arena to prove his boastings. Avok defeats a robeast Lotor then jumping into the arena to take him on but he is totally distracted when his eyes see Princess Romelle for the first time. Lotor Arrives on Polluz with Avok the robeast in tow, King Cova then issues challenge to Arus, surrender or be taken. The Voltron force hears the challenge but refuse to fight those who are truly kin to Arus. When there message of peace is ignored they go to Pollux to investigate. They sneak into the castle and run into Bandor and Romelle, the likeness between the two women stopping them all in their tracks. Allura pleads to Rommel to have peace but Bandor will not have it. Doom guards chase them off. They fight Avok the Robeast but Avok the robeast swims away out to sea. Romelle tries to go after him but is captured by Doom guards for Lotor and is taken to Doom.

Plot Bunny: Introduction of planet Pollux, Romelle and Bandor.

Plot Bunny: Pollux and Arus were twin worlds, an ancient King of Arus banishing his evil son to Pollux creating a war between the worlds for generations.

Plot Bunny: Voltron Force utility belts have ultra-grips, rock climbing like anchor points that can be used to climb walls.

Plot Bunny: Arus and Pollux are close enough to see one another.

Plot Bunny: Open ended storyline on what happened to Romelle’s father as he is not heard of after this episode. Big changes from the Pollux of this episode and the Pollux we visit in later shows.

Plot Bunny: Open ended storyline on what happened to Avok. Did he die? Is he still a robeast? Has he had a change of heart like is brother and sister?

18 Zarkon is Dying

Lotor tries to save his dying father.(Yeah right!) He must collect special berries from Arus to save him. The witch Zandra prepares a magic potion to aide him by turning the trees into beasts. The Force is busy on Arus building a new school, Allura Nanny and some maidens go into the forest to gather berries for their lunch where Lotor awaits. Allura, Nanny and maidens are ambushed in the forest by Lotor. (Why waste a trip to Arus and all.) Keith swings in and saves Allura from Lotor. The tree beasts combine into one giant beast. A little blazing sword action and Lotor’s sent packing. At least he remembered the berries which he gives to his father to “save him”.

Plot Bunny: Witch Zandra has her eye on Haggar’s job

Plot Bunny: Hunk likes football

Plot Bunny: Haggar has cast a spell on Zarkon to make him immune to poison.

19 The Buried Castle

Some children are waking in the woods when a castle magically arises from underground. The castle is picked up on Control’s scanners and Coran tells the force of the legend. In the days of the Robot Wars the castle was buried because of the fears of the hideous powers it held within. Pidge goes off to Indiana Jones it but it turns out Haggar was behind the castle’s resurrection. Pidge and the Children are captured by Haggar, the force coming to save him, Hunk Lance and Allura getting captured as well. Haggar releases a giant Robeast to haul the castle with its prisoners to Doom but Keith manages to battle his way back to his Lion and sever the cables.

Plot Bunny: There was a period called the Robot Wars on Arus.

20 Pidge’s Home Planet (A Plot Bunny riddled episode!)

Nanny and Coran discuss Allura’s need to find a Prince Consort and produce an heir as she and the team are viewing the crown of Arus and her coronation dress. Allura realizes that that would no longer be one of the team. Nanny fantasies about Allura coronation and how the boys all would be her royal escorts. The boys go to work scanning for trouble to discover Pidge’s homeward planter Balto under attack the boys deiced to go and see if they can help but are stopped from taking the lions by Allura, Coran and a squad of guards. Coran tries to place them under house arrest but the boys take out the guards. Then there is a big o’l K&A sap moment *purr* as Allura calls to Keith and they have an emotion ridden goodbye. (Keith shaking & Allura crying). Seeing the force split up Zarkon sends Lotor to Balto to finish off four of the lions the Robeast he brings with him proving too much for them to handle.
Plot Bunny: Nanny emphasizes the class difference between the boys and Allura and how she shouldn’t associate with ‘simple commoners’ like them.

Plot Bunny: Lance seems to realize the undercurrents of tension in Keith when there is mention of Allura marring and having children by placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Plot Bunny: Keith acknowledges being Queen is Allura’s job and protecting the plant is theirs.

Plot Bunny: K and A’s emotional goodbye reveals that there may be more that just feelings of friendship between them.

Plot Bunny: Pidge is from a village on Balto, his parents as well as the rest of the populace escaping before the attack.

Plot Bunny: Balto was close enough to see from Arus but it blew up as a result of the attack from Doom.

Plot Bunny: Keith delivers his epic line… “Princess… Why did you have to be a Princess?”

Plot Bunny: Telepathy! Keith is able to reach out to Allura with his thoughts and call her to come aid them.

Plot Bunny: Pidge is made an honorary citizen of Arus.

21 It'll Be a Cold Day

Doom came back to Pollux and captured Romelle and have her locked away in a dungeon. Lotor plans to use her as bait to get Allura. Romelle with a few other female prisoners manage to escape, the ship they stole being pursued by Lotor is shot down and they crash land on the ice planet Neeve. Her brother Bandor and the Voltron force intercept her distress call and race to the ice Planet. Lotor and Haggar get to them first, Haggar then posing as Romelle manages to capture Bandor. Lotor offers to trade Romelle and Bandor for Allura, Keith tells Allura to accept but Keith using the cover of snow goes first to give Lotor a special dreamgirl surprise but Bandor and Romelle come back, Romelle getting captured by Lotor again.

Plot Bunny: Lotor carries an unconscious Romelle from Doom’s dungeon to later return her in an exhausted haze that she passes out from. Draw between the lines what you will.

22 Deadly Flowers

Seeds from space fell to Arus and soon beautiful flowers were blooming everywhere even in the deserts. Everyone rejoices in the gift from the heavens. But the flowers were not heavens sent, instead they were a gift from witch Haggar making ill anyone who smells them. Dr Gorma is contacted and he tells the force that the only cure for the illness comes from the flowers grown on planer Lyra. Planet Lyra’s powerfull magnetic field makes it impossible for any Lion to operate but the blue. Allura falls sick from the flowers so Lance takes the blue to find the cure. Lotor and Haggar are on Lyra with King Mag. They see the Blue lion and Lotor assumes its Allura. Lance starts looking for the flowers ad is intercepted by the natives led by Farla who tells him the Rose of Lyra is a sacred and protected plant. Lance is captured but breaks free and attacks Lotor, Lotor driving him over a cliff wall. Lotor bargains with King Mag to get the cure for Allura for himself. The deal goes sour so Lotor takes what he wants and orders all the flowers destroyed. Farla tries to stop the destruction but is shot, Lance in the Blue driving off the guards before they could finish them off. Farla gives him seeds so he can grow the cure on Arus, Lance promising Farla to return and Plant the seeds back on Lyra.

Plot Bunny: Dr Gorma makes his debut

Plot Bunny: The Rose of Lyra is used by King Zarkon as his life prolonging elixir.

Plot Bunny: The Rose of Lyra is planted on Arus

Plot Bunny: Another victory smooch for o’l Lance! (And mouse kisses for Pidge.)

Plot Bunny: Lance and Allura go back to Lyra to return the gift of the seeds.

23 It Takes Real Lions

Lotor trains a lion taming robeast to destroy the robot lions. Taking a break after practice the Voltron force goes for a swim Allura turning up in a pink bikini. Nanny and Coran seeing her out swimming in the lake race down to bring her inside. Nanny locks Allura in her room to study. Lotor brings his robeast to Arus and it engages four of the Lions while he goes to find the princess who he finds still locked in her room.

Plot Bunny: Allura loses her top swimming with the boys.

Plot Bunny:Sounds like a real bad storm. Hurricane Nanny.” Hunk

Plot Bunny: Allura knows 50 alien languages.

Plot Bunny: Lotor broke into Allura’s room though the window.

24 Raid of the Alien Mice

Allura is at her window wishing on a falling star but the fallings stars are actually pods containing alien mice. An alarm goes off in the castle waking everyone up but when the cameras pick up mice they first assume it was just the space mice. A fire breaks out and power problems begin in the castle as the invading mice wreak destruction. As they are trying to hunt down the alien mice a robeast attacks the castle. Keith, Lance and Hunk go to their lions leaving Pidge and the Princess to deal with the mice. When they get to them the tunnels the transports to the lions don’t have enough power to launch so they run to their lions.

Plot Bunny: Hunk dreams about chocolate ;) (don’t we all)

Plot Bunny: The castle uses solar energy for its power.

Plot Bunny: Allura DOSEN’T wish for ‘some good looking prince to come sweep her off her feet.’

25 Short Run of the Centipede Express

Zarkon is using planet Mora as a testing ground for new weapons. The slaves of Mora try to revolt against Lotor. The force seeing increased activity there go to check it out. Lance and Keith (who wouldn’t let Allura go) go down in the head of the green lion so as not to be detected and discover they are building an ion laser big enough to take out Voltron. They knock out two Doom guards and steal their uniforms to try and set some explosives and blow it up but they are seen by a slave named Harem who alerts Lotor.

Plot Bunny: Mora at one time came to the aid of Arus but when Mora needed help Voltron was busy elsewhere and they fell into Doom’s hands.

Plot Bunny: Lotor uses truth serums in interrogations.

Plot Bunny: The Lion heads can be used as shuttles.

Corny Speech Alert. “Let this seal the friendship between your planet and ours. We look forward to long and harmonious cooperation with the people of planet Mora and you can always count on our protection in the future. Just as people who suffer injustice and oppression anywhere in the galaxies can always count on Voltron Defender of the Universe.” Keith

26 The Invisible Robeast

Witch Haggar designs a way for a Robeast to turn invisible and Zarkon sends it to Arus with Lotor. Allura, Nanny, Lance and Pidge are out for a carriage ride colleting fruit for the castle but that carriage is attacked by the Robeast. Keith and Hunk find them as the Robeast is about to smash them with a boulder.

27 The Green Medusa

Lotor goes to planet Medusa capturing a female medusa to be his next robeast. The Princess launches a campaign to find new homes for the planets orphans. As they are being received at the castle Lotor attacks. The lions go to fight but the green is brought down. Pidge ejects but is taken by the robeast. The team head back to the castle to regroup. Pidge soon discovers the robeast is not evil at all and she helps him get back to his lion.

Plot Bunny: Pidge was an orphan and was adopted.

Plot Bunny: Lance gets a smooch at the end of this one.

28 The Treasure of Planet Tyrus

Its Lotor’s birthday and Lotor and Haggar are having a 'spa' day on planet Tyrus, Count Zada happy to have them. The force tracks down a ship they believe to be carrying Pirated goods from Arus and goes to investigate. They search the ship and find some of the stolen treasure but Lotor arrives before they find it all. The team pose as Doom Guards to try and get to the rest of the treasure but Lotor captures them and has them as special guests at his birthday party..

Plot Bunny: Zarkon had a giant golden statue made of Lotor.

Plot Bunny: Lance is the kiss winner again! “Lotor, eat your heart out!”

29 Magnetic Attraction

The boys are out teaching Allura some judo moves when Coran and Nanny stop them and carry her of back to the palace. Haggar unleashes her fire breathing magnetic powered robeast on Arus, it creating fiery clouds that super heat the air, catching fire to the forests and turning the water to steam. The team go out to investigate but the lake’s water had all evaporated leaving the Blue Lion powerless.

Plot Bunny: “What in the world are you doing out here in just your pajamas!” Nanny

Plot Bunny: “It’s most improper for a person of royal birth to be dressed like that and fighting and rolling on the ground!” Coran

Plot Bunny: When Alfor created the lions he gave each a unique power source. Black, Lightning. Red, Fire. Yellow, Magma. Green, Cyclone. Blue, Water.

30 The Sleeping Princess

Lotor has nightmares of his father taking Allura from him. Zarkon surprises his son with a visit from Princess Korral from planet Nemos who he intends Lotor to wed to form an alliance. Lotor begs for one more chance to get Allura. Haggar comes to him with a plan to put Allura into a sleep spell. When Allura is out visiting the witch’s cat strikes, cutting her with a magic blade. The princess stops breathing making them all believe she died. In grief Keith runs off to be alone but then believe something wasn’t right gathering with the team he tell them that she’s not dead but it’s a spell. They go to the funeral acting as if she were really dead to intercept Lotor when then comes for her. Lotor tries to capture the unconscious princess but Pidge comes to her rescue earning him a thanking kiss.

Plot Bunny: Lotor dreams of a woman who looks like Allura. (its his mother in GoLoin)

Plot Bunny: Keith is overwhelmed at the thought off Allura dying

Plot Bunny: When pretending to believe Allura is dead Keith’s tear falls on Allura’s cheek.

Plot Bunny: Pidge earns a Kiss from the princess but also wants a “real one”

31 The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Lotor challenges his father to a dual in the arena which Zarkon accepts. After a few sword exchanges, and a split in half helm, Lotor realizes he is beaten. Haggar comes to plead for Lotor’s life. On Arus they launch a new satellite based advanced early alarm system but Lotor quickly destroys it then unleashes Haggar’s latest project, a Voltron imitation robot. The robeast focuses fire on Voltron’s foot damaging the Blue. Voltron manages to defeat the robeast but the blue is so damaged that the leg falls off, the blue lion plummeting to the ground in a crash. Lotor seeing his chance goes in for the kill Allura’s shoulder getting shot in the assault.

Plot Bunny: “We’re a defense force, we don’t start fights.” Keith

Plot Bunny: Hunk punched his hands through a table

Plot Bunny: “Oh the poor kids!” Nanny cries when Voltron is plummeting. (so how young are they?)

Cheesy Internal Dialogue this time! “Voltron force came very close to defeat in this day’s battle but from it we’ve learned much. The Blue Lion will be repaired and the vulnerable areas redesigned so we never have the same problem again. This will make an even stronger Voltron which will defeat all enemies of freedom and peace and truly be Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Keith

32 A Transplant for the Blue Lion

The blue lion still in for repairs and Allura still injured Alfor comes to the force to give them a message. Upon hearing Alfor’s cryptic poetry about the lions Keith finds a need for increased focus in training to get better, but not everyone shares his intensity. Fearing Lotor will soon be back Coran orders the team to go to the nearby village and tell the people to evacuate to the castle for safety but the people refuse to back down, after winning back so much and want to stay to defend their homes. The team goes out to train having the castle fire on it to test their defenses. Finding Hunk the new weak link Keith has Coran focus fire on the yellow and the yellow leg crashes to the ground and Hunk begins to doubt himself. On Doom Haggar has built a second robot robeast, even more powerful than the last. Lotor attacks and the training they did and Alfor’s advice proves to be the edge they needed to win.

Plot Bunny: Doom has secret agents in the castle

Plot Bunny: “…Look to the river to show you the way, but look to the streams to strengthen the river.” Alfor mumbo jumbo.

Plot Bunny: Keith’s intensity pushes Lance too far and they almost come to blows but Allura stops them.

Plot Bunny: Keith refuses to baby Allura in a training session.

Corny Speech Alert! “Streams coming together to make a great strong river. People are like that, coming together, working together to make a strong family a strong city, a strong country, a strong planet. But the key words are working together. That’s what makes a mighty river or a mighty Voltron.” Keith

33 Attack of the Fierce Frogs

Haggar creates an army of tadpole robeasts and has Lotor release them on Arus. While on patrol Pidge sees some kinds and lands to see what they were waving at him about to fins a pond full of the tadpoles and helps them catch some to take home and he takes some himself to give to the princess. In the night the tadpoles transform into fierce frogs. The frogs wreak having as Lotor unleashes the real threat, and underwater robeast.

Plot Bunny: Arus has a Coast Guard

34 Lotor Traps Pidge

The worst storm on record is battering Arus the team goers out to evacuate the people to the shelters beneath the castle and patrol for looters. While chasing a boy he suspects is a poacher Pidge gets his foot stuck in an animal trap. The boy Tommy frees him the then discover the real poachers were Doom soldiers. The boy takes the injured Pidge back to his farm house where he is caring for his injured mother. Lotor has been digging underground to set a mega bomb to blow up the castle but he plans to break into the castle and kidnap the princess first and he fantasizes about his wedding to Allura. Feeling the earthshaking Pidge and Tommy go into the fissures that have opened up under the farm to investigate but Lotor finds them and nabs them and straps them to the mega bomb.

Plot Bunny: Trapping animals is against the law on Arus.

35 Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics

The team is helping to build a soccer stadium at the end of the day they clean up. Nanny and Allura bring them a surprise supper but the surprise is on them as they walk in on Keith taking his shower and the rest of the team just in towels. Haggar has Lotor implant her nero guidance system into one of the construction machines and it goes berserk

Plot Bunny: Arus hosted the Space Olympics

36 Lotor's Clone

Zarkon orders Lotor to lead an assault on Arus from the front lines but being the self-preservationist Lotor is Haggar makes a clone of him to do it for him. The team is out having target practice in the lions when power fluctuations start happening in the Lions and in the castle. They return to the caste to discover a robeast that generates magnetic files is the culprit but with unreliable power they can’t take the lions. Keith decides to go out on his own and do what he can. He takes out a water sled to plant mines on the robeast. Lotor’s Clone sees him has he is making his escape and attacks, the two going into head to head combat. Best Lotor (well his clone anyway) and Keith fight in the series ensues!

Plot Bunny: Keith’s nose wiggles when he’s upset. lol. “My fist wiggles too!” Keith

37 Lotor's New Hit Man

A daredevil Doom pilot Karp impresses Zarkon and Lotor and they decide to have him pilot a new robeast. Karp agrees but only if the robeast is customized to his needs, including being painted red. The Robeast attacks the team launching to intercept. They split up Keith and Allura going to aid the destroyed village while Hunk, Lance and Pidge chase after the robeast but he proves too fast to catch. They regroup and form Voltron but he still is too fast for them. Lotor calls Karp back to regroup with a new plan. The team realize the robeast was testing them to find their limits and decide to hold back in their next encounter until the right moment to strike.

Plot Bunny: Doomies go to their own training academy

Plot Bunny: Planet Gloom is one of Doom’s controlled planets

38 Raid of the Red Berets

Five specialty red beret robots are sent to Arus to terrorize the populace. The people in fear mob the castle quick to blame and looking for answers. Coran makes a show of strength to bolster the people’s confidence but the red berets strike immobilizing the Black in volcanic dust.

Plot Bunny: The lion’s eye beams can be used as tractor beams

Plot Bunny: Open ended plot, the Red Berets were never destroyed.

Corny Speech Alert! “It’s good to see peace again and know the people are united once more behind their princess. Men fight hardest when their defending freedom and throughout the galaxy wherever men wish to break free of the chains of oppression they can always count on the help of Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Keith

39 The Captive Comet (part one of three)

The Omega comet is part comet part black hole. It was long ago hidden by Voltron and now is believed to be legend, but Haggar has found it and Doom sends a ship to capture it in rings of nuclear radiation and they send it towards Arus to have its gravitational pull destroy the planet. Rommel, still a prisoner on Doom hearing of the plot seeks into Dooms transmitter room to send a warning message to Arus. Coran tells the team that Voltron had dealt with this once before but all records of what Voltron had did in the past have been lost. Discovering her transmission, Lotor and Haggar set Romelle up to give Voltron false information that sends Voltron plummeting into the comet. Coran contacts Galaxy Garson for emergency aid but all of its star commands are engaged in combat but one. Bandor leading that one fleet comes to their aid but all he can do is blast the comet off its course with Arus, saving Arus but leaving Voltron trapped on its surface. The force is feared dead.

Plot Bunny: Haggar believes in the Big Bang theory!

Plot Bunny: Massive seismic destruction to Arus’s surface and tidal waves occurred when the comet came near.

Plot Bunny: Prince Bandor of Pollux is in command of the Alliance’s Starfleet 11

40 The Little Prince (part two of three)

Arus ravaged by the comet and Voltron gone Lotor lets loose a full assault to destroy the castle. Prince Bandor tries all he can to rescue Voltron but a Doom squadron intercepts and destroys most of his fleet. The comet reaches the end of the universe, there the force is given the choice to transcend to a world of eternal happiness or go back. Voltron empowered by the goddess at the end of the universe races back to Arus and defeats the attacking robeast, but Lotor escapes with Romelle. He takes her to the pit of skulls and has her dropped into it but she manages to survive the fall, her body discovered by…

Plot Bunny: The Universe has an end

Plot Bunny: Lotor offered Romelle marriage or death, guess what she chooses?

41 There Will Be a Royal Wedding (part three of three)

In the caves of the pit of sculls Romelle is found by a runaway slave who spirits her away before Lotor’s guards can come confirm she’s dead. Once he gets her free of them he tries to chase her off but she refuses to leave him, recognizing that he is Sven of the Voltron Force. He tries to deny it, not able to cope with his perceived failures of his past but she disagrees with him and asks him to help het to escape to the surface. Lotor begins torturing slaves who had attempted to escape Doom to flush Romelle out of hiding but Sven won’t allow her to give herself up. Sven realizing that the only way to save Romelle is to steal a ship.

Plot Bunny: Sven was the best Navigator in the Alliance.

Plot Bunny: When Sven was in the hospital it was attacked by Zarkon and he was taken as a slave but he was too weak to work so they left him to die and he ran to live in the caves.

Plot Bunny: Romelle promises to come back to Doom and free all the slaves.

Plot Bunny: Sven chooses to stay on Pollux with Romelle because she gave him back his life.

42 The Sand People

Coran is contacted by his friend Professor Sarwah and told Doom is catching the sand people to use as warriors. The Voltron Force goes to the sand planet to stop them where they meet the professor and he introduces them to the peaceful sand people.

43 Voltron Frees the Slaves

“Lotor you are my son, my I be forgiven, and someday you will be king, may the evil gods help the planet.” Zarkon

Zarkon discovers a new planet Brabora to conquer and sends Lotor there and takes it, renaming it Zarkonia. There they begin to build a trap for Voltron using the villagers as slaves to build it for them. The slave boy Trill gathers his friends Ack and Obie and His sister Tria and plans to capture Lotor on their own buy Haggar sees their plotting in her crystal ball. Lotor captures the kids when they try and get him and uses them to bait Voltron into their gravity trap.

44 Voltron vs. Voltron

Planet Yaydel has declaring its independence and inviting Voltron to visit them. A boy Bobby volunteer’s to go to Arus to invite Voltron. Zarkon hearing the news is not happy, Lotor showing him Haggar slates, an exact replica of Voltron which they send to Yaydel first. Lotor arrives and takes control of Yaydel. They bury their Voltron copy in the desert to surprise the real Voltron when they arrive. Bobby’s friend digs a SOS into the sand to warn the Force of the trap.

Plot Bunny: Yaydel was Planet Nemon in ep 12 Bad Birthday Party. Similarly Bobby was Jai. Continuity error but could be turned into something.

Corny Speech Alert! “We honor those brave ones who fight for independence and people everywhere know the one they can always count on to ensure that right, Voltron Defender of the Universe." Keith

45 One Princess to Another

Zarkon plans on creating an army of 500 super robeasts to wipe out Voltron and its allies once and for all using their secret Satellite Nuclon and the resources of all the planets they have conquered to power them. Sven hears of the plan and he and Romelle fly to Doom to investigate. Once there they see that it is true and notify the Force. Sven sneaks onto the ship with the Robeasts disguised as one himself he finds out where the ship was going then destroys it, escaping in in a fighter ship. He radios the Force the location of the Lazon factory and they go and take it out.

Plot Bunny: Romelle’s lady in waiting is named Lady Zee

46 Mighty Space Mouse (AKA the episode I try pretend doesn’t exist.)

The space mice train to become soldiers when they are out training they run across Haggar’s blue cat. The team help them and Pidge makes them a mouse ship of their own. The team discovers Haggar digging around on Arus and go to investigate and find a tunneling robeast.

Plot Bunny: Nanny puts Hunk on a diet.

47 Summit Meeting (Best episode ever!)

Garrison Command holds a meeting about Arus but choose not to send a support fleet to help them, hoping the planets of Arus’s galaxy will unite with Voltron and take care of the Doom threat on their own. At the summit meeting on Arus representatives from the neighboring worlds of Pollux, Yadle, Titus and others gather to form an alliance against Zarkon. After the meeting Coran has a meeting with the men of the force and tells them he wishes to take Allura’s place on the force. The team refuses, Pidge suggesting the train a different substitute instead. After Coran confides in Keith privately telling him his fears of Allura falling into Lotor’s hands to realize Keith is more concerned than he is. Zarkon sends a request to the Drule Empire for support troops but the Drule counsel led by Hazar refuse as the rouge Zarkon does not support the needs of the Drule Empire.

*takes deep breath the continues*

Heeding Coran’s request Keith asks Allura if flying the Blue lions is important enough considering the risks. She tells him it’s the most important thing in her life, he then sends her to continue her training in the back but she can’t control it. That night she has a nightmare about Voltron being crushed. Feeling it was a warning she runs out of the castle Keith seeing her leave goes after her. Lotor finds her in the forest and grabs her but Keith interrupts him. Lotor lets Allura free and Keith holds him off so she can escape but Lotor manages to cut him deeply across the chest with his laser sword before he makes his escape. Keith tries to follow Allura, chasing away Haggar’s blue cat to collapse into Allura arms. With Keith out of commission Lotor launches a robeast at the castle. While the others debate what to do Allura runs off to take it on herself in the Black. Keith awakes and in spite of the injury leads the rest of the team out to defeat the robeast.

Plot Bunny: Denubian Galaxy is the home of Arus and Doom

Plot Bunny: Arus and Earth are in different galaxies

Plot Bunny: Zarkon is an Outlaw of the Drule Empire

Plot Bunny:  Coran’s title is Chief Minister

Plot Bunny:  Coran promised Alfor he would protect Allura with his life

Plot Bunny:  To Keith “You’re more corned about her (Allura) than I am.” Coran

Plot Bunny:  Keith gets cut across the chest by Lotor’s sword.

Plot Bunny:  Keith's chest wound is describe as ‘Laser Shock’

48 Return of Coran's Son (part one of two)

Returning to Arus the Blue has a malfunction and crash lands. Allura is saved form her smoking lion by a stranger, the team taking to him instantly begin training him to replace Allura in the Blue, that stranger revealed to be Coran's son. But it turns out he was just an imposter sent to Arus by Haggar and Lotor in a plot to get access to the Alliance Pulsar Cannon on planet Bora so they can use it to destroy Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Coran's had his wife, Leda and infant Son Garrett evacuated from the planet as the castle was burning.

49 Coran's Son Runs Amuck (part two of two)

Lotor uses the stolen Pulsar Cannon to blow up Voltron, the team disassembling just as the blast hits to make it look like Voltron was destroyed each peace crashing to the ground. Allura is rescued by a mystic tribesman who treats her wounds. Meanwhile Garret remains locked in Castel Control

Plot Bunny: The telepathic mind power on Arus is called Khee (my own fanciful spelling for it, it is pronounced Key)

Plot Bunny: Zarkon had some agenda personally seeking out Coran’s wife and son. Only the ruse of their deaths stopping him from looking for them.

Plot Bunny: Coran's Wife and Son were taken to another dimension called Ellsuele where Doom cannot touch them where they live in peace.

50 Zarkon Becomes a Robeast (part one of three)

Zarkon orders his son to be arrested and sends him to the devil’s castle dungeon to await a court-martial for his repeated failures. The Drule Empire hearing of the news decide to sit back and watch and perhaps seize on the opportunity to eliminate Zarkon. On Arus a Galaxy Alliance meeting is taking place to discuss the looming threat of an all-out attack of the Drule Empire on the Alliance. Arus plans an all-out assault on Doom’s weapons depots using the commandeered energy cannon and Voltron while also evacuating the people of the nearby planets to safety in case of a counter attack. Zarkon fly’s to Arus to destroy the cannon. Lance lands to try and use the cannon to destroy Zarkon’s ship but is shop in the leg trying to run there. Keith flies down to help him as the castle distracts Zarkon’s assault ship. Coran then orders the castle to convert into a space ship to chase him off. On hearing of Zarkon’s defeat the Drule Empire instructs their agents on Doom to free Lotor and put him in charge of punishing Zarkon. Lotor takes over and has his father sent to Haggar’s lab to be turned into a robeast pilot. On Arus the force regroups and Voltron takes off for Doom.

Plot Bunny:  Doom is protected by a screen of highly charged electrical particles.

Plot Bunny:  Coran reveals that the castle can become a spaceship

Plot Bunny:  The Drule Empire backs Lotor in taking over from his father.

Plot Bunny:  Moghor is a Drule agent.

51 Lotor the King (part two of three)

As the Voltron Force approaches Doom Sven and Romelle’s team launch their ground assault against Haggar’s laboratory. Zarkon’s robeast launces to intercept Voltron as they arrive with a bit of Alfor’s magic Voltron defeats Zarkon’s robeast. Sven informs the team that Lotor has moved all the slaves to the weapons factory. The Drule Empire hears of Zarkon’s defeat and Hazar fears losing the whole Doom controlled galaxy. On Doom Lotor launches a neutron missile attack on Voltron and they are unable to move without setting off a chain reaction. Sven and Romelle lead there team to take out the missile launching system and take it out. Hagar turns against Lotor and neutralizes the neutron missiles that had Voltron pinned down.

Plot Bunny:  Voltron was created by Arusian Scientists

Plot Bunny:  Garrison plans to bring Voltron back to them if they defeat Doom.

52 Final Victory (part three of three)

Lotor’s castle’s laser snake defenses prove too much for the lions. Coran decides to launch the Castle of Lions to come to Voltron’s aid. With the added firepower of the castle Voltron is able to destroy Lotor’s castle. They try to negotiate a peace treaty but Lotor refuses, turning on his own people. Sven goes to hunt him down for what he did to Romelle she tries to stop him but understand she can’t and gives him her dagger. Lotor is able to sneak up on Sven and uses him to get the force to surrender. With one last trick Lotor uses a secret laser weapon to melt Voltron down. The space mice manage to distract Lotor given Sven a moment to strike and he pushes Lotor off the top of the castle both of them plummeting to the ground and into some water. Both Lotor and Sven survive the fall. (Watch GoLion version for a much more realistic end battle)

The end of this episode is the tie in to the switch over to Vehicle Voltron.

Plot Bunny:  Lotor’s castle is called Dark Stone castle.

Plot Bunny:  Sven saves Romelle from a deadly laser barrage

Plot Bunny:  “No matter what happens, my heart is with you.” Romelle to Sven

Plot Bunny:  Sven went back to Pollux after the battle to heal.

Plot Bunny:  Pidge’s brother Chip is on the other Voltron Force. Pidge sends Chip on the Explorer a letter and we meet some of the Explorer Team

Lion Voltron 1 | Lion Voltron 2 | Vehicle Voltron


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No fear, no hesitation, no retreat.

Bravery, fighting spirit, friendship.

Give up!

The battle has only just begun.

Defeat them in the name of justice.

Victory is with us.

Go! Go! Golion!