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Episode Sources

Streaming Your Voltron Fix

WEP Official Voltron YouTube Channel
Voltron Episodes can be streamed via YouTube though not everything is available all the time.

Some Voltron Force clips and episodes can be found here

Voltron Episodes can be streamed via Netflix for Netflix account holders though not everything is available all the time. You can also rent the DVDs.

Some Voltron Episodes can be streamed via Hulu though not everything is available all the time.

Some episodes are available for purchase through iTunes.


Voltron, Vol. 1: Defender of the UniverseVoltron Defender of the Universe Box Sets

The Lion and Vehicle series both come in box sets. The Lion Box Sets are also available in collector tins in each color of the lions.

Blue Lion Box: Episodes 1-15
Yellow Lion Box: Episodes 16-30
Green Lion Box: Episodes 31-45
Red Lion Box: Episodes 46-59
Black Lion Box: Episodes 59-72

Land Team Box: Episodes 1-18
Air Team Box: Episodes 19-36
Sea Team Box: Episodes 37-52

Beast King GoLion Box Sets

Colection One: 1-18
Collection Two: 19-36
Collection Three: 37-52

Armored Fleet Dairugger XV Box Sets

Collection One: 1-18
Collection Two: 19-36
Collectin Three: 37-52 (RARE!)

VHS Sources

The quality of the old VHS tapes is very poor compared to today DVDs. I would recommend purchasing the DVDs over theses unless you are doing it just for collector reasons. You can sometimes find these on Ebay just be weary of bootlegs.

WEP Sold Basic Black Box Copies

Voltron - Defender of the Universe - Castle of Lions

"Space Explorers Captured"
"Escape to Another Planet"
"A Ghost and Four Keys"
"The Missing Key"

Voltron - The Challenge of Voltron

"Voltron vs. Voltron"
"One Princess to Another"

Voltron - Journey To A Lost Planet

Voltron - Merla: Queen of Darkness

"Merla: Queen of Darkness"
"A Ghost of a Chance"

Voltron - The Reign of Prince Lotor

"Lotor The King"
"Final Victory"

Voltron - Zarkon's Revenge

"The Alliance Strikes Back"
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Doom"

Vehicle Voltron Videos - Explorer Trilogy

"First Day On A New World"
"Try This World For Size"
"Help Not Wanted"
"Ghost Fleet From Another Plane"

Vehicle Voltron Videos - Whose Solar System Is It?

"Another Solar System"
"Whose World Is It?"
"It's Anybody's World"

TriMark Home Video

Vol 1

"Fleet of Doom"
"The Alliance Strikes Back"

Vol 2

"Space Explorers Captured"
“Escape To Another Planet”

Vol 3

“A Ghost and Four Keys”
“The Missing Key”

Vol 4

"The Princess Joins Up"
"The Right Arm of Voltron"

Sony / Adler Video Marketing

Castle of Lions

“Space Explorers Captured”
“Escape To Another Planet”
“A Ghost and Four Keys”
“The Missing Key”

Planet Doom

“The Stolen Lion”
“The Witch Gets a Facelift”
“Yurak Gets His Pinkslip”
“Zarkon is Dying”

Planet Arus

“The Buried Castle”
“The Deadly Flowers”
“Raid of the Alien Mice”
“The Green Medusa”

Journey to the Lost Planets

“The Traitor”
“Voltron Meets Jungle Woman”

The Blue Robots Revenge

"Take a Robot to Lunch"

Return of Sven

"Who's Flyin' Blue Lion? The Return of Sven!

Merla, Queen of Darkness

“Enter Merla Queen of Darkness”
“A Ghost of a Chance”

Zarkon’s Revenge

"The Alliance Strikes Back”
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Doom”