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The Vehicle Voltron Episodes

Like Lion Voltron Vehicle Voltron was a re-edit redub but of a totally different Japanese cartoon called Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.

GoLoin and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV were completely unrelated shows but were combined, occasionally swapping footage back and forth between them to make them appear to be the same show. For example all of the Galaxy Gariosn shots in Lion Voltron were actually shots from Dairugger not GoLion. Like the Lion Voltron episodes Vehicle Voltron is plagued with people and ships being called ‘robots’ so the many deaths are more palatable as well as many last minute' escapes'. When watching the show (and the characters emotional reactions to ‘injuries’) that is obviously not what is going on.

The mission of the Stellar Ship USS Explorer is to search the near universe for uninhabited planets that can support life to provide new homes and resources for the growing populations of the Galactic Alliances's planets while having to deal with the war minded Drules who are desperately seeking the same.

Unlike Lion Voltron, Vehicle Voltron has a very linear plotline, each episode building on the story from the last so it’s best to watch them in order to follow the story progression.

1. In Search of New Worlds

The Explorer is ten-thousand light years from earth and in search for new planets to colonize and the Force is going stir crazy on the ship. They come across a planet that looks promising and send the Air Land and Sea teams out to investigate. The Drules detecting the Explorer try to dive them off and have the world for their own but are defeated by Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Jeff is from Earth but Lisa is not.

Plot Bunny: VV is nuclear powered and can only operate for five minutes. (though in later episodes they stay assembled much longer than that on escorts so perhaps they fixed that issue.)

Corny Speech Alert! “It’s regrettable that in this vast universe, space without end and who knows how many livable worlds, some men refuse to grow to match its size, to leave behind their selfish ambitions. Yes there’ll always be an evil menace like Quark but in times of great peril we’ll always have the protection of Voltron Defender of the Universe!" Hawkins

2 First Day On A New World

The team is busy scouting locations for base construction on the planet they discovered. The Drules have not given up hope knowing the planet is rich in fuel deposits. Hazar wants to bide his time and let the Alliance to the work setting up bases and then take them, but Quark wants to strike now, before they get a foothold.

Corny Speech Alert! “A Voltron Force can fight when they’re forced to but our mission is to establish peaceful new worlds and we can do it with the help of Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Jeff

3. Building a New World

The whole team is board waiting for the construction crews to show up. Chip is out walking when he is almost run over by a supply tuck. Chip jumps the driver the drive taking chip down with one solid punch. Jeff steps in and challenges the driver to a fight, Cliff and Krik having to step in and stop it. Later Jeff and the driver share a drink in the messdeck to laugh about it. Hazar sends a message of warning to evacuate or the planet will be destroyed. Knowing the emanate attack Hawkins evacuates all the crews from the planet, the Explorer and the Voltron force engages the enemy attack but many missiles get through destabilizing the planet’s core causing it to collapse in on itself.

Plot Bunny: Cliff and Jeff argue about how to behave as a captain.

Plot Bunny: Graham is a Marshal

Corny Speech Alert! “We’re all sadden by the needless destruction of that planet. We can’t let this setback stop us. We’re all out here for one purpose alone, to search out new planets suitable for colonization. The crowded people of our many worlds are depending on us. We cannot and will not let them down. Let us go on with our search find another planet and this time well keep it with the help of Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Newley

4 Goodbye, New World

Viceroy Throk express his disappointment in Hazar destroying a world that could have been useful to them. The Drules plan on luring the Explorer into Sea of Holes. An area with many black holes that not ship has ever escaped. Krik who is normally calm feels uneasy and sets the rest of the team on edge. Hearing a distress call they send the Sea team out to investigate falling into Hazar’s trap.

Plot Bunny: There is a Drule spy on the Explorer

Plot Bunny: The Explorer’s chef can play guitar much better than he can cook.

Plot Bunny: Krik has a sixth sense about trouble that the team has learned to trust.

5 Try This World For Size

The Explorer finds a new planet but this one is already claimed by the Drules. They drive off a Drule attack fleet and then head to the planet. As the Land team goes to check it out the rest of the team go to the messdeck to get some food where they run into Professor Page who tells them they are wasting their time, the world is just a dead moon. The Land team discovers vegetation on the planet surrounding a crashed rocket and they bring samples back for study. Page discovers that the Drules had seeded the world and therefore they truly have first claim to it.

Plot Bunny: Professor Page is the Explorer’s botanist/scientist/medic

Plot Bunny: Debbie is another Explore scientist

Plot Bunny: The Basic Law of the Universe is that if someone else is already trying to improve a word others must leave it alone.

6 A Storm of Meteors

The Explorer is caught in a meteor storm and takes some damage. Captain Mongo of the Drules seeing an opening attacks and to chase them to a meteor planet. The Voltron holds the attack off as the Explorer finds a moon with a lake on it and lands to complete repairs.

Plot Bunny: Lisa reads love stories (or so the men assume that is what she is reading)

Plot Bunny: The force is also trained in ship repairs

Corny Speech Alert! “We learned something important about peace today, it’s worth searching for.” Hawkins

7 Help Not Wanted

Hazar tries to argue with Viceroy Throk that the Explorer is on a peaceful mission and no threat but Track calls Hazar a weakling, and orders Mongo in charge of the Emperor’s fleet and threatens to demoted Hazar to a tugship captain. Garrison has ordered the Explore not to use Voltron as they want to attempt to make peace with the Drules. A backup squadron led by captain Kieo is sent to support them in their mission. Mongo attacks and the support fleet holds them off so the Explores can escape, but Jeff refuses to obey orders and goes to help the support fleet. Hawkins disciplines his disobedient captains by forcing them to eat an especially prepared meal.

Plot Bunny: The Drules use Doom’s dungeons.

Plot Bunny: “There is not honor in attacking peacemakers.” Hazar

Plot Bunny: Sammy is the name of the Explorer’s cook.

Plot Bunny: The full name of the ship is the Stellar Ship Explorer.

Plot Bunny: Krik’s planet was enslaved by the Drule Empire but freed by Voltron.

8 Ghost Fleet From Another Planet

The Explorer discovers two planets, one very similar to earth but they also discover some strange fleet of burning ships flying around it. The force go out to check them out but when they get close the ships scatter. The team then heads down to explore the planet the Land and Sea teams find a dead world but the Air team finds a lush perfect forest by a lake. The Explore lands on the lake to investigate further. Professor Page believes there is something about the water that is killing off the world. The Drules arrive and the Explore tries to take off but is forced back down. Page discovers micro worms in the water that can eat through anything including the ship.

Plot Bunny: When the Explorer lands in water the crew's messdeck has an underwater view.

9 A Very Short Vacation

The Team and crew of the Explorer are exhausted and in desperate need of a rest but with a supply convoy on its way they have had to stay at the ready. When another remember collapses form exhaustion Hawkins gives in and lets Jeff go scout out planet Nanos where they could possibly take a rest at while waiting for the supplies. The escort force for the supply convey was never authorized to launch so the convoy went on unguarded. Mongo's fleet attacks the convoy cutting the vacation off short, the Force heading to the rescue but they are too late.

Plot Bunny: Pidge was on planet Nanos before telling his brother the nights lasting for 60 days.

Plot Bunny: Jeff offers to take Ginger on a moonlight stroll.

Plot Bunny: Cinda comes from a water planet.

Plot Bunny: Jeff and Ginger were having ‘alone’ time. “So much for our time alone together, Ginger” Jeff

10 Planet of the Bats

The Explore discovers a new planet, the Voltron Force goes down to investigate and discover ancient ruins. The land team explores the ruins on foot. Modok finds a cave and goes in alone to explore it where he is chased off by bats and goes into feverish hysterics, Cliff brings him in on autopilot. Meanwhile the Drules are busy attacking a Garrison support space station in an effort to destroy the Explores lifeline. Professor Page believes Modok is suffering from a bacterial infection contracted from the bats.

11. A Temporary Truce

A Drule fighter pilot Sandu crash lands in his star fighter during training where he is rescued by the force. The Alliance decides to use it as an opportunity to show their peaceful intentions by treating him as a guest verses a captive and repairing his ship so he can return to his fleet. Shannon at first rejects the idea but comes around becoming Sandu’s friend. The Explorer’s repair crews refuse to fix the ship so the Voltron Force decide to repair it themselves but they aren’t very good at it, their intentions and ineptitude inspiring the repair guys to man up and fix it. The Drule captain wanting none of it orders his crew to open fire on the returning ship but the crew refuses, he having to shoot it down himself. Shannon runs to the crash to rescue Sandu.

Plot Bunny: Drules are raised from childhood to be fighters.

Plot Bunny: Shannon’s brother is a prisoner on planet Doom.

Plot Bunny: Hawkins has a mean left hook.

Plot Bunny: Chip does not have Pidge’s mechanical skills.

12 Wolo's Lost World

The Explorer is checking out a dried up dead world, the dead forests reminding Wolo of his childhood exploring the forests of his world with his big brother Cobal he stays behind to reminisce. While the rest of the team is having to sit through a boring lecture from Professor Page on dying ecologies there is an earthquake on the planet and a giant crevasse opens up swallowing Wolo and his ship.

Plot Bunny: A few centuries ago Earth was on the brink of a self-imposed demise.

13 Planet Stop for Repairs

Against Hazar’s orders Nerock stages his fleet on the electrical storm ridden planet Itlon and plans to send out a fake distress call hoping to lure the Explorer to come to his aid. The three Voltron captains go to Hawkins to express their concerns on the continuing failure of their mission to find new worlds, telling them their plan of instead hitting the Drule’s home world and forcing them to sign a peace treaty. Hawkins rejects any such idea, insisting peace is the only real way. The Explorer receives the distress call discovering its Drule they still send the force to check it out. The force sees that it is a Nerock’s fleet but are confused that they didn’t attack back lulling them into questioning whether they really are in distress. The Drule commanders argue over how to deal with the Alliance, Hazar arguing for peace the other arguing that there can never be peace, Hazar having to bow to the majority decision giving Nerock permission to engage. Nerock plays possum until the whole fleet is in range then releases his robeast. Each side waits for the other to make the first strike, and then end up in a standoff. The robeast not programed for such a scenario just flies away leaving the Drule fleet no choice but to do the same.

Plot Bunny: Nerock and Brack have a bet against each other on who can defeat the Voltron force.

Plot Bunny: “Things won by force must always be maintained and defended by force.” Hawkins.

Plot Bunny: Capturing a stranded ship is against the Universal Code.

Plot Bunny: The Drule home world is crumbling and expected to explode.

Corny Speech Alert! “As leaders of the Voltron Force it’s up to us to control our feelings of aggression and to make decisions using our hearts minds, only then can we be truly Defenders of the Universe!” Jeff

14 A Curious Comet

Bracka’s Comet is passing the Explorer lands to monitor its effect as it passes. The Drules see it too and Nerock has a plan to use the Luna Effect to their advantage. Later when the comet passes Earth it sends the planet into a panic. Garrison’s council under the effect of the comet orders the support fleet to attack the Drules without Voltron there to help. Nerok then launches a look alike comet at the Explorer, a Trogon Horse, filled with fighters and a Robeast. Mid battle Hazar wants to call a truce but it’s to late. They form Voltron to fight the Robeast. The Robeast manages to shoot off Voltron’s right arm which quickly reassembles and they defeat the Robeast.

Plot Bunny: Bracka’s Comet only passes every 200 years.

Plot Bunny: Galaxy Garrison Command’s main building is called the Sky Dome.

Plot Bunny: Lisa has a well versed knowledge of ancient history

Plot Bunny: Hutch has dreamy eyes for Lisa.

Plot Bunny: Lisa can sing and Krik plays the flute.

15. In the Enemy Camp

Hawkins goes to visit Coronal Kross to express his concerns at the construction of an Alliance Supply base on a planer the Drules consider in their territory. Kross orders Hawkins to try and negotiate peace with Hazar. Hazar too believes peace is the only answer and his still battling with his commanders who would rather fight but Mongo begins to see his point. Mongo contacts the Explorer and he and Hawkins agree to have a meeting to discuss terms of peace, Hawkins agreeing to go to Mongo’s ship. Brack goes against Hazar’s peace plans and launces a counter attack on the supply base on his own. Hawkins proposes a joint exploration force to Mongo but Mongo believes any such agreement would slow down getting results.

Plot Bunny: Mongo joins Hazar's side.

Corny Speech Alert! “Nobody won. We lost and so did the Drule Empire. We should have been able to talk this out and prevent all this destruction. Nobody ever wins when you fight first and talk later. Fortunately we had Voltron Defender of the Universe to save us today. At least we can continue on our mission of peaceful exploration.” Coronal Kross

16. Who's On First?

The Alliance has signs temporary peace treaty with the Drules, and promised to leave the planet they are on after three days. When the three days are up and no new orders come Hawkins is unable to make Cornel Cross honor the treaty without direct orders to do so as Mongo sits in wait for their decision. Brack and Nerock plan on punishing the Alliance themselves for breaking the treaty. Hazar sends a unit to have them arrested but Brack turns some of the guards to his side and move to overthrow Hazar.

17. No, Who's On Second

The Drule Chancellor come to visit Hazar to update him on the ever increasing urgency of the date of their homeworld. He tells Hazar that they must soon attack and take over Earth as their own or be homeless. Against his gut, Hazar agrees. Steel of Galaxy Garrison calls to order Captain Newly transferred to Terra Base One back on Earth. His Explorer ‘family’ holds a goodbye party for him. The three Voltron captains have to take shifts covering Newly’s position, Jeff getting a crash course in 'cool' command.

Plot Bunny: Time Warp is a method of Drule space travel! (Frank-N-Furter would be proud!)

Plot Bunny: Cliff’s family are ranchers and has a little brother named Jimmy.

Plot Bunny: Garrison Salute is the right arm held horizontally across the chest.

Plot Bunny: The Drule home world is predicted to explode within the next lunar cycle.

18. What's On First

The Explorer has its first joint planetary exploration mission with the Drules to explore planet Zay a prehistoric feeling dinosaur inhabited world. Continuing division in the Drule command send conflicting orders. Gorvon who is leading the Drule fleet and is a Hazar supporter is ordered by Nerock to stop working with the alliance and take the world and they begin burning the forests to clear the planet.

Plot Bunny: The combined vehicle ships the ‘Super Jets’ are called the Strata Fighter, Turbo Terrain Fighter and Aqua Fighter.

Corny Speech Alert! “Even if the destructive Drules won’t help we’ll always be on the side of peace with the help of Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Jeff

19. Great Stone Space Faces

On orders from the Alliance the Explorer is heading to Planet Neb to investigate it. Hazar’s father contacts him and reminds him of the true emergency they are facing, and that fighting the Alliance is just a distraction. While exploring the team discovers the planets ruins are all under water and they also find giant stone heads. Professor Page analyzes their findings to find the planet is sinking in on itself and will eventually collapse. When exporting Lisa finds a possible clue to the planets past but before they can find more a robeast attacks she and Krik havign to run for thier lives.

Plot Bunny: Hazar’s father is Viceroy Mozack           

Plot Bunny: A transient sun is what is causing the death of the Drule home world, cooking anything on the surface.

Plot Bunny: Easer Island and Neb have the same heads.

Plot Bunny: Jeff gives Lisa a moonlit pep talk

Plot Bunny: When the ships are assembled into the super jets the pilots can move from one to another.

20. Defend the New World

The Explorer departs their new supply base to continue on its mission. Nerock realizing the base was unprotected attack the base but Cross refuses to call the Explorer back to come to their aid. Krik’s sixth sense picks up on something wrong. When they cannot contact them the Team goes out to investigate, Jeff goes off halfcocked, ‘losing his head’ in the battle.

Plot Bunny: The Explorer’s laundry lady is Mrs Kurts

Plot Bunny: Shannon gets frustrated by Lisa’s childlike emotions.

Plot Bunny: Cinda has the same sixth sense power as Krik just not as strong.

Plot Bunny: Vehicle Voltron can operate without his head. Sea Team Cap taking Lead.

21 Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison

Voltron force needs aide of the money kind. Back at Galaxy Garrison Graham, Steel and Newley need to gain support for the Explorer program. Steel and Newley face the council to argue their cause. Meanwhile the force is busily honing their skills. Graham attending a reception finds most to be apathetic to their cause. The council decides without Martial Grahams approval to send the support feet. Steel and Newley then reminisce of what Voltron has done (Can you say flashbacks!) Steel tells of when they tried to make a backup Voltron based on Dr Lauring’s plans. It failed miserably. Gram approves of the counsel decision and the force goes out to greet them in style.

Plot Bunny: Garrison hosts and annual war games.

Plot Bunny: Garrison has Army Air and Sea branches.

Plot Bunny: Not all in Garrison Command believe searching for new planets is urgent.

Plot Bunny: Steel is a cigar smoker

Plot Bunny: Dr Lauring was the scientist who designed Vehicle Voltron.

Plot Bunny: The secret to Vehicle Voltron was lost when Lauring died.

22. Nerok Scores Big

The Drule Supreme Council has Hazar demoted and Marshal Keezor replaces him. Mongo still loyal to Hazar’s ideals is ordered to attack the support fleet. While Nerock attacks the Explorer. Overwhelmed Hawkins orders a retreat but Jeff disregards his orders and forms Voltron.

Plot Bunny: Professor Page believes exercise is the cure for all aliments.

Plot Bunny: Lisa is a health food nut.

Corny Speech Alert! “Its only the first round. One little knock down doesn’t count. We’ll come back stronger than ever and at the final bell Voltron will still be the champ.”

23. Hazar on the Carpet

Mongo’s force reaches the fleet and attacks. The support fleet focuses its fire on the command ship and manages to overwhelm the attacking force Hazar refuses to give up and goes down whit the ship. Instead of going to his court-martial Hazar leaves Drule command. Nerok continues his assault on the Voltron Force but his robeast is defeated again.

Plot Bunny: Time in space is measured in Astral Hours

Plot Bunny: Hazar abandons the Drule military

24 Hazar is Demoted

The Voltron team takes some time to reminisce about home while Hazar returns to planet Drule to face trial for helping them. He meets up with his sister Dorma and they go to their parent’s home. The climate on Drule is hostile towards him. His trial is quick the verdict long being decided before it even began. Hazar is to be transferred to planet Dreska his sister choosing to go with him. As he is heading off to his new assignment, the Voltron Force goes to escort settlers to their new home a planet they named Hazar.

Plot Bunny: Pidge and Chip share the same birthday (later ep it is revealed they are twins.)

Plot Bunny: The Drules live underground on planet Drule.

Plot Bunny: Hazar has a sister named Dorma.

Plot Bunny: Garrison has spies that can report on what is happening the on the Drule Council

Plot Bunny: The Drules have an experimental time travel ship???

25 Just Like Earth

The Explorer receives a distress call from a nearby planet. Hawkins sends the Air Team to investigate as they approach the planet’s glowing aura sucks them in and zaps all their power leaving them stranded on the surface unable to warn the others. The Drule captain Zabar lays in wait, knowing the secret of how to get on and off planet Halo seeing they fell for the trap he launches his attack while another fleet attacks the Explorer forcing it to the planet below to try and find the Air Team. The Air Team returns to the Explorer to refuel as the Drules continue their attack.

26. The Planet Trap

The Drules decide to give the Explorer a wild birth to lull them into a false sense of security then launce a long range missile attack on them to suck them into a trap. The Explorer tracks the source of the missile sand the Team go to take it out, doing exactly what the Drules had hoped. Finding no resistance at the planet the team grows suspicious, Cliff’s team landing to investigate. Professor page analyzes their readings to discover the air is primitive and has no oxygen but his warning comes too late as the Land team were already out exploring and suffer from extreme oxygen deprivation. They make it back to their ships but Hutch and Cinda pass out before they can set the automatic pilot to return them to the Explorer for treatment.

Corny Speech Alert! “Yes, there’ll always be new worlds to explore and those worlds will always exist in peace as long as we have the protection of Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Hawkins

27 Save the Space Station

The Air Team is out on space recon as the Explorer fleet is being repaired. Meanwhile Carver’s support fleet is delayed leaving the space station defenseless. Nerock uses the moment and attacks the space station releasing a Robeast at it and demanding its surrender. The space station does everything it can to defend itself launching its Stingray Fighters and using its Magna Lasers. The Robeast eventually gets inside the space station. The crew sets a trap, overloading the conversion reactor, and blast the Robeast clear outside of the hull. The Voltron force eventually arrive and hunt down yet another Robeast hiding in the nearby asteroids. They eventually defeat it using their solar spears, spinning laser blades, and a final double slash with the blazing sword sending the Drules packing.

Plot Bunny: Short range fighters are called Stingrays

Plot Bunny: Hot Chocolate is Jeff’s beverage of choice.

28 Planet of the Amazons

The Voltron Force is approaching planet Eldora when they are attacked, the planets inhabitants thinking that they are Drules. When they get to the surface they find that it is much like Egypt. Jeff tries to reason with them but they wont listen. Jeff is taken inside and has to prove to the ruler, Queen Neffra, that they are friendly and not Drules. Zabor the Drule, contacts Neffra and tells her that Jeff is his Ally and she must release him thus convincing her that he’s a Drule spy. Jeff has to run when they attack him. The Drule’s then attack outside, releasing a Robeast. Jeff gets to his ship and they form Voltron to fight the Robeast. They defeat it and drive the Drules away.

Plot Bunny: Amazons really need to have more target practice.

Plot Bunny: The Eldorans have magical healing powers.

Plot Bunny: Jeff the flirt. “I told them I couldn’t live without you, broke their hearts.” Jeff to Ginger when she asked how he got away from all those women.

29 Revolt of the Slaves

On the Slave world Dema, Flazon is going to make examples of some slaves but is diverted by an alert that Voltron is in the area. The slaves overhear this “There is a Voltron!” The Voltron force plans some down time unaware of the slave base. The Explorer lands on the planet. The then Drules launch a missile attack on the unsuspecting Explorer. Voltron heads out to defend, destroying the missile silos. A Robeast hits Voltron from behind. The Slaves, watching what is going on, make their own plans, using the diversion of the attack to their advantage but a guard hears them plotting. They overpower the guard taking his weapon. Gathering the others they lead a revolt and rush the Drules, overpowering them. Outside the Explorer tries to get away as Voltron fights the Robeast. Voltron cuts off one of the beast’s heads before destroying it completely. The Force then discovers the slaves. Landing they discover the slaves were misled by the Drules then enslaved. The Team is then called to go aid the Explorer still under attack. Voltron quickly destroys the Drule ship leading the attack. They return to the planet and take the slaves home.

Plot Bunny: Chip and Wallow are buddies.

Corny Speech Alert! “Why is the cost of freedom so high for some people? I tell you why, because some people are luckier than others, like being born in a place where freedom comes naturally. You know freedom is a very funny thing, Commander. You don’t miss it till you lose it but when you don’t have it you sure know it’s missing.” Jeff

30. Raid on Galaxy Garrison

Captain Durka’s fleet had destroyed the space station containing the solar energy refractors that are used to power Voltron, knowing Voltron is now disabler he turns his fleet on Earth. Durka’s fleet attacks the planet evacuating to shelters while launching ever ship to defend, his robeast decimating them. Helpless to do anything the Explorer listens to Earth’s transmissions begging for help. The Drules having broken through the line of defense turn their attention to Galaxy Garrison City destroying much of it. Planet Arus comes to Earth’s aid driving the Drules off.

Plot Bunny: Voltron is also solar powered? Alrighty then.

Plot Bunny: Garrison has massive underground shelters

31 Smashing the Meteor Barrier

Voltron goes to attack a Drule command base leading the support fleet, but they have to go through an asteroid belt to get there. Keezor plans to set a trap in the asteroid belt boxing in the space explorers, but an overzealous Drule commander, Maldon, jumps the gun and attacks to soon. The Explorer sends a probe into the belt and discovers mines. The support fleet is attacked by Maldon and Voltron goes to defend attacking a Robeast. They drive the Drules off and return to the command ship. The Lieutenant volunteers to take the meteor breaker into the belt to clear a path for Voltron and the support fleet. The force waits. When they are called to action Lisa stops Jeff to give him a good luck charm, her necklace. They all follow the Lieutenant as he blasts his way through the asteroid belt in the meteor breaker. When they break through they discover the Drule base abandoned, the Drules pulling out knowing they had already lost.

Plot Bunny: Lisa gives Jeff a necklace she bought from a wizard on Coron as a good luck charm.

Plot Bunny: Jeff doesn’t believe in good luck charms.

32 A Man Made Sun

Keezor has set a trap luring in Voltron towards their Robeast factory. The Drules release a Robeast to stall them. Voltron makes short work of it and they continue on their way. When they get to the base the three teams separate. Jeff plans to lead the air team but gets shot in the arm, luckily he’s wearing his lucky necklace Lisa gave him! Once bandaged up, the Air Team with Krik go on foot to destroy the base, just as Keezor planed. They are soon getting cooked in Keezor’s trap. Chip comes up with a plan using solar energy and saves them. The get to the main power plant and set bombs. They make a hasty retreat, the base exploding behind them but get trapped inside. Colonel Carber decides to crash his command ship into the base to save them. His ship is destroyed but they all get out safely.

Plot Bunny: Jeff wears Lisa’s good luck charm which he had hanging in his ship.

Plot Bunny: Jeff may be wearing Lisa’s charm but its Ginger who is getting handsy!

33 Captain Newley Returns

The team goes to explore an Earth type planet. While there the crew asks to get some shore time and Hawkins reluctantly agrees. Cinda and Krik start to get a bad feeling and they run into a Drule scouting party, they hold them off while the others escape back to the fleet.

Plot Bunny: Jeff is not able to keep past battles from replaying in his head.

Plot Bunny: The troubleshooters of the Universe is made up of five planets who are new to the Alliance led by Captain Newley.

34 Hazar Bucks the Empire

Hazar again tires for peace talks but his communication is intercepted by the Drule Council and they set up a fake conference on planet Barran, planning to use the planet itself as a bomb. Hazar’s father calls him to warn him that the Council intends to use Hazar’s peace talks as a trap. The team go to the planet, Jeff and Cliff’s teams going to the meeting spot in an underground cavern while Krik’s team stands watch. Captain Bargo who was lying in wait attacks Krik’s team.

Plot Bunny: Jeff had a dog named Rover.

Plot Bunny: Warfare caused the destruction of the protective asteroid belt that protected planet Drule now bombarded by ultra violet rays which are destroying it.

Corny Speech Alert! “A planet is a special creation, a thing of beauty, an awesome mysterious work of nature. It’s sad enough to see nature itself put an end to anything so wonderful but there’s never a good reason for man to destroy something so precious. That’s why it’s so important to always keep searching for peace. And if the Drules offer to talk again we’ll go to meet with them again, even after what they did today because we can always feel secure with our most important peace keeper along Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Jeff

35 Letters from Home

Its mail call on the Explorer and many getting news from home. Chip gets a letter from his family telling him all is well but he doesn’t seem verry happy about it to the others. When the Air team is called to launch he doesn’t even hear the alarm. Lisa discovers the letter was written by himself and shares it with Krik and Jeff. Jeff sends Lisa to go talk to Chip. The Drules set a trap for the force, sting up a decoy crash with a distress signal, the team goes to investigate, minus Chip and Lisa, and the Drules attack.

Plot Bunny: Krik’s parents are hydroponic farmers.

Plot Bunny: Cliff has three brothers.

Plot Bunny: Chip and Pidge are twins.

Plot Bunny: When orphaned Chip and Pidge were adopted by the same family.

Plot Bunny: Land units have robotic arms.

Plot Bunny: Arus is millions of light-years from the Explorer.

Plot Bunny: Pidge is left handed.

36 Peace! A Fish Story

Dorma continues to try and convince Hazar that he is the only hope for the Drule Empire to overcome their warring ways and save their people. On the Explorer the sea team is sent out to explore a new planet. The planet reminds them of a prehistoric earth where they discover fish that can walk on land. Hazar orders his underling Borgam to go and instigate peace talks with the Alliance but Borgam is loyal to the Empire and plots to attack them. Once he has Hawkins out in the open he lets loose his robeast and an assault on the Explorer. The sea team gets trapped underwater the others having to dive down to aid. Voltron fights an underwater battle with the robeast.


37 The Red Moon People

The Air team is out exploring a promising planet when they pick up life readings. They track it to what looks like a settlement but their ship is grabbed in a tractor beam and taken underwater to an underwater base. The Drule captain Twyla sees the other two Voltron ships heading to the planet and lets them go knowing anything that lands on the Devil Planet is never seen again. Jeff is taken away and put into the Electron Mind Reader to see if he is telling the truth. Jeff passes the test but is out so is sent to recover. When he wakes he notices the same image he saw on the red moon planet. Ubal tells them how the People of the Red Planet decided to limit their use of technology and live more primitively after having destroyed their own planet with their technological greed.

Plot Bunny: The girls share a dressing room.

Plot Bunny: Cinda can sense the presence of human life.

38 This World's for the Birds

Again the Drules and Alliance come to a truce to investigate Planet Nesto together. Against Hazar’s orders Borgam plans an attack, sending Twyla to lead to lull the force into a false sense of security. Twyla insists on leading the attack group herself but her force is overrun by giant native vulture like birds who attack her causing her to crash. A Drule soldier cares her to safety, leaving her unconscious body to recover so they can continue on with their mission, They attack the Air Team bur when the Land Team also shows up they are driven off. The Air team spots Twyla’s body and takes her to the Explorer. Marvin and Hutch beg Rocky to tell them more about their Drule woman, Rocky tells them that he ‘wishes their girls were put together like... Hutch stops him before the girls of the team take his head off. Twyla overcomes Nurse Debbie and steals a shuttle and escapes, returns to her ship she launches a robeast at them. Voltron defeats the robeast so she turns her ship to ram into the Explorer giving Hawking’s no choice but to destroy it.

Plot Bunny: Captain Twyla is also the Drules top scientist.

Plot Bunny: Seems to be shortage of girls on the Explorer considering Marvin and Hutches excitement of a new hottie female on board.

39 That's the Odd Ball Game

The Voltron Force destroys the main Drule supply base. They discover a group of Drules that missed evacuation. Jeff befriends a Drule Lieutenant, Antor. Taking a break the Explorer crew and the Voltron Force play a game of football the Drule’s offing to take them on in a friendly game. The game is interpreted as a Drule attack fleet approaches.

Plot Bunny: Lisa and Ginger both take shifts on snack bar duty.

Plot Bunny: Drules know how to play football.

40 Red Moon Rises Again

The Land team goes to investigate Planet 71 while alliance ships are being repaired. When they are testing the water they discover a small faun. A young red skinned boy tries to grab the faun and save it from them but falls into the river, Hutch and Marvin diving in to help him. The boy runs off again the team chasing after them to discover a village. Seeing the villagers must have just left they track them to the caves that they ran off too. The team discovers that they are part of the same group that fled the Red Moon planet.

41 Another Solar System (part one of three)

Researching a new planet for his people Captain Garrow sends Hazar an update that the world looks promising but when the Alliance shows up he has no choice but to make a hasty retreat as his small group would be no match for them. The Explorer lands to investigate flinging the Drule research outpost and some of thier resech knowing well the Drules found this perfict world first. The Drules return with an attack fleet. Disregarding Hazar’s orders the captain plans to take the planet back by force.

42 Whose World Is It? (part two of three)

The Drules and the Explore fleet are in a standoff. Each waiting to see what the other will do. Captain Vallen wants to attack but Hazar again orders him not to but when they notice the water team doing surveillance the Doom fleet launches an attack on them, the rest of the team going to their aid. Hazar orders Vallen to stand down. Instead Vallen decides to bait the force into thinking they are retreating then launches a robeast at them, escalating the conflict into a full Voltron vs robeast underwater fight. He then launches his full fleet at the Explorer giving Hawkins no choice but to try and get them to negotiate, asking Captain Noran for a meeting with Hazar.

Plot Bunny: Lisa gives Jeff a little pep talk at the end of the episode.

43 It's Anybody's World (part three of three)

The Explorer’s fleet waits Hazar’s arrival. A meeting place is set up and Hawkins and Newly go to meet Hazar and Noran. Newly giving their conditions for giving the planet to the Drules. While patrolling the Air and Land teams discover that the planet is actually inhabited by a primitive humanoid race. The Drules are unwilling to meet the Alliance’s demands so Hazar decides to leave the world to its rightful owners the primitive people who live there. But the Drules command has other plans circumventing Hazar they have Vallen attack to take the planet.

Plot Bunny: Hawkins and Hazar meet face to face for the first time.

44 Frozen Assets

Dorma tries to convince Hazar he should give up trying to change commands mind and instead leave and join a resistance but Hazar’s pride will not allow him. Gegormo arrives and tells Hazar he has been relieved of command and ordered to return to planet Drule. The Air Team out exploring a frozen planet. They come across some frozen Drule ships, the Drules having powered down to play possum until their reinforcements arrive. The Land team goes on foot to check them out leaving Ginger on watch and Chip on point. Jeff, Rocky and Wolo walk into the Drules trap and are captured. The ships power up and take off and release a robeast, Chip managing to jump free and return to Ginger in the Strata Fighter. Ginger tires to hold of the robeast till the others arrive. Jeff Rocky and Wolo try to make their escape they find the ships hanger and steal some Drule fighters. They reunite and manage to defeat the robeast but Jeff gets a dressing-down from Hawkins upon his return.

Plot Bunny: Hazar is relieved of command.

Plot Bunny: Ginger’s ship can also control the Strata Fighter.

Plot Bunny: Jeff learns Hazar is no longer in command.

45 Coconuts

Dorma again tries to convince Hazar to join the underground resistance but he refuses. Captain Zudka leads his fleet to the alliance planet Aloha to create a diversionary attack. On the Explore everyone has coconuts on their mind having just passed planer Aloha, Jeff deciding to make a quick coconut run to satisfy their cravings. Techs Herby and Spike meet up with Jeff and they offer to help him but they are soon interrupted by the Drule attack. Jeff’s radio jammed he has to face the attack and a robeast alone he manages to knock out the jamming device and contact the fleet. Jeff seeing the tech injured flies down to help them, hiding out in a cave with them until reinforcements arrive.

Plot Bunny: Eddie is the name for another cook in the kitchen. (or maybe Sammy's identical twin brother, lol)

Corny Internal Dialogue Alert! “People from alien planets all over the universe are finally getting acquainted but many of them bring nothing to this new community of worlds but distrust, hatred, cruelty, oppression and war. Is that all we have to give one another? As man’s universe expands can’t his mind expand? I hope so. I just hope Voltron can hold the forces of evil in check until that day arrives, until men learn to understand one another and work peacefully together for their mutual benefit there can never be true progress in the universe.” Jeff

46 It Could Be a Long War

Emperor Zeppo is fighting to get back control. While he and Throck conquer the new planet Commander Borgam has been tasked to distract the Alliance away to Dreska. He stages a fake meeting with the ‘ex Drule leaders’ to negotiate but when scouting it out they are attacked. Realizing it’s a trap the team plans to infiltrate the base to get information on what is really going on. Jeff Ginger and Cliff head to the command center on foot to see what they can find. They discover a map showing the new planet Drule and their plans for an all-out invasion. The appearance of a robeast stops them from finding more. They run back to their ships to give the robeast the Voltron treatment.

Corny Speech Alert! “You know sir, good people love Voltron but the bad ones are always afraid of him. Those evil leaders must know we're on our way with Voltron Defender of the Universe!” Jeff

47 Color Me Invisible

Having studied the map they found at the Drule base the force wishes to investigate an artic planet Altias they think may be important. On Drule Dorma confronts Throck telling him he was jealous of Hazar’s power and that’s why he removed him. As she is driving away her transport is ambushed and she is kidnaped. Arriving at the planet the Land and Sea teams launch but Hawkins is begging to have doubts about the mission. Captain Garow on the Planet launch their ships which have a cloaking device that will make them invisible in space. The team soon discovers the Drules were ready for them realizing the map was planted for them to find. The Drules drive them into a cavern where a robeast awaits. Dorma discovers she was taken by the Underground Rebel Force they ask her to join their ranks and she accepts.

Plot Bunny: URF (Underground Rebel Force) is an underground Drule rebellion group that wishes to free Hazar and put him in power.

Plot Bunny: Sexism is alive and well on Drule.

Plot Bunny: Space Warp is a fast mode of travel.

48 Time Running Out

The underground resistance on Drule is getting stronger and with each small victory more join their ranks, but Dorma fears it won’t be fast enough so she goes to find an ally on the inside of the High Council. While patrolling the three teams come across a magnetic mine field set by the Drules to stop them, they try and blast them out of their way but one attaches to Ginger’s wing. Unable to remove it they plan to take out the control center instead. The Drule Captain Larrow holds of on detonating the mine until the ship returns to the command ship, his primary target but when they spot the approaching ship he detonates the mine sending Ginger crashing into the Explorer and her to sickbay. When Ginger wakes up her recent memories are gone, going back to a traumatic experience she had as a child.

Plot Bunny: Dorma used to be a member of the High Council

Plot Bunny: As a child Ginger felt helpless as she watched a ship be attacked and explode, the memory still haunting her.

49 Zero Hour Approaches

Knowing the Alliance are getting close Throk and Captain Holtis plan an ambush in Drule’s protective asteroid field. The resistance plans on breaking Hazar out of prison so he can lead the people in revolt. The Alliance heads into the asteroid field and the Drules let loose their defenses an epic battle beginning. Knowing this was going to be a log fight Hawkins holds back the force for a long as he can but when the Drules release a robeast he sends them out to take it down. Defeating the robeast they turn their attention on the base, letting loose a mega blast to destroy it.

Plot Bunny: Ginger is the number cruncher of the team.

Plot Bunny: The Drules in command plan to use their own citizens as shields if they need to escape.

50 The Drules World Cracks Up

Drule command continues with its propaganda campaign telling the people the stories of the planet’s impending doom are lies to insight a rebellion. The Explorer fleet reaches planet Drule offering to evacuate all who wish to leave the planet but the Drules refuse them and attack. Professor Page’s research discovers the true reason for Drule’s impeding collapse was the storage of lazon waist beneath the planet’s surface. Its escaping containment causing the instability of the magma strata which will soon explode the planet. On Drule the resistance uses the distraction of Drules force’s to break out Hazar, Dorma leading the way. Drule launches its Super Fleet against the Explorer’s fleet but their ships prove no match for the blazing sword. Voltron reaches the planet’s surface and Throk releases three robeasts at them. As they battle the planet’s surface starts to rip apart swallowing the beasts. Throk sends all he has left at them. The Land and Sea team deal with the attack as the Air team dives below into the Drule city.

Plot Bunny: The true reason for planet Drules destruction was improperly stored lazon waste

Plot Bunny: Some Drules bleed blue.

Plot Bunny: The Purple Raiders are the deadliest of the Drule ships.

Plot Bunny:  Coe 86 is a quick de-link of Voltron.

51 The Drules Surrender

The Air team following Hazar’s instructions fly into a ruined underground city to get to a rendezvous point, the Land and Sea teams following. They form Voltron to fight off the defenses two robeasts appearing to stop them while Newly’s ships clear a path for the Explorer to the planet. Hazar leading the rebellion’s forces attack Drule command but Thock refuses to surrender. Voltron breaks through to the lower city where another robeast after robeast awaits. The resistance break into command finding Hazar’s father. He tells them the commanders have escaped to the palace. The Drule commanders try and convince Zeppo to escape with them to the secret planet Deva where they can start a new empire, but he refuses to listen to reason insisting on meeting with Hazar first. He surrenders to Hazar but Hazar refuses to take Zeppo into custody, insisting freedom is for everyone even Zeppo and lets him go. Hawkins sends the Force after Zeppo to make sure he is not up to anything.

Plot Bunny: Resistance headquarters was in secret contact with the Explorer feeding them information about the base.

Plot Bunny: Three Drule high commanders escape in a robeast.

Plot Bunny: Hazar refuses to be made Emperor


52 The End of Hazar's World

The force meet with Hazar and he tells them of the urgency of the situation on Drule asking for aid. Hazar’s father Mozack tells them that there are only hours left and earthquakes begin. Ginger brings Mozack to the Explorer where Newly promises him they will do all they can. Hawkins initiates the order to evacuate all the women and children first hoping that reinforcements will arrive to help the rest. The ships land and begin evacuating the people but as the quakes continue the people begin to panic. The fleet leaves with as many they can just as the reinforcements arrive to evacuate the remaining people.

Plot Bunny: They plan to relocate the Drules to the far universe (for anyone taking notes that is Doom’s and Lion Voltron’s domain.)

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"From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew, peace had hold across the galaxy. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed, together with the good planets of the Solar System they maintained peace throughout the universe. Until a new horrible menace, threatened the galaxy. Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story of the superforce of space explorers. Entrusted by the alliance, with the ancient secrets of how to assemble, Voltron: Defender of the Universe"