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Voltron 3D was a show that tried to jump onto the 3D CGI bandwagon, but it didn’t manage the success of the other true innovative 3D CGI shows of the time such as the cartoon animation game changer the witty and well written ‘ReBoot’.

Overall Voltron 3D was just not that great looking and there is not much resemblance to the original show. The visuals are excessively dark I believe intentional to hide the crude CGI. While yes, it was still very early in the days of CGI, when compared side to side with its peers of the same period it just doesn't stack up. If this series had been my first experience with Voltron I would have never given the show a second thought. .

For those interested in rounding out your Voltron Collection here is a list of the episodes. I’ll work on descriptions if I feel like busing out my old VHS and can work up the stamina to sit though the shows again, heh.

Season One

    1. Escape from Bastille-12
    2. Red Lion Breaks Loose!
    3. Building the Forces of Doom
    4. Lost Souls
    5. A Rift in the Force
    6. Shades of Gray
    7. Bride of the Monster
    8. Dominus
    9. Voltron Vs. Dracotron
    10. Descent into Madness
    11. Pidge Gets Iced
    12. Dark Heart
    13. The Big Lie
    14. The Trial of Voltron
    15. The Troika Moons
    16. Biography: The Voltron Force
    17. Queen Ariella

Season Two

    1. The Voltron Force Strikes Back
    2. Stealth Voltron
    3. Gladiators
    4. Dominus Goes Home
    5. The Hunter
    6. Consider the Alternatives
    7. Mind Games
    8. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
    9. Castle Doom Dead Ahead