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Lion Voltron Season 1: We meet five Space Explorers as they are sent to find and resurrect the mighty robot known as Voltron and follow them on their adventures defending the Far Universe against the evil planet known as Doom.

Vehicle Voltron: As we tuned in to see what was going to happen to our heroes of Arus next we were in for a real twist. We were unceremoniously transported across the galaxies and were suddenly in the midst of an entirely different Voltron Force that we were teased with in the last few episodes of the last season. We learn of the struggles on Earth and the Political intrigue of the Drule Empire as each seek to find new planets to colonize.

Lion Voltron Season 2: Just as surprisingly in the third season of Voltron we were again transported back to Arus where we find Doom has recovered and is again a threat to Peace but all is not happy and roses between Zarkon and his son.

Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron Crossovers: A Listing of the episodes that mentioned the other show as well as a run down on the Voltron crossover special 'Fleet of Doom'

Voltron Third Dimension: A reboot of the Voltron story using early 3DCGI instead of cell animation.

Voltron Force: The sequel to original Lion Voltron series. Arus is trapped in a political web. Voltron has been sabotaged and it is up to Allura, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk, whit the help of three new cadets to bring Voltron back and defeat an all new (with the help of some old) evil.

And Coming this Summer! New Guides for the source shows!
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