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The Lion Voltron Episodes
Season Two

Season two is marked by several dramatic changes. First and most notable is that a lot of the stylization of the characters becomes completely inconsistent as these episodes are pieced together from old and newly contracted (and often times cheap a$$) footage.

Incorrect coloring and even all out missing coloring of the line drawings is also prevalent.

Continuity errors ABOUND, in one frame characters are wearing one thing, in the next they are in totally different outfits just to jump back again.

Weak plot cop out saves by the ghost of Alfor and the stupid space mice.

Sven, poor Sven. Okay here’s the deal. Sven was supposed to die early in the last season when Hagar attacked him but as American audiences can’t handle such realities as people can die in war *rolles eyes*, they edited Sven’s funeral out of the American release. The guy you see running around with Romelle after that point is not really Sven but Sven’s brother, that’s why he looks so different. So in this season they use old footage of old Sven and mix it with new footage and the old footage of Sven’s brother and we are supposed to just pretend it’s all the same guy. *turn suspension of disbelief goggles up to 11*

On the positive side of things, things do heat up between our favorite couples. No longer are things between the lines assumptions. ;)

53 Dinner and a Show

On Planet Pollux Prince Bandor is teasing Sven and Romelle about the obvious affections they have for one another. Cossack makes his debut leading an attack on Planet Pollux to lure Voltron out as Haggar plots to capture Allura for Prince Lotor behind Zarkon's back. The Blue crashes onto an asteroid and Allura walks into Lotor’s secret power base. There over dinner he give Allura an ultimatum, marry him of the people they captured from Pollux will be tortured. Lotor then captures the other four lions treating to destroy them too if she will not marry. With the help of her father’s spirit she escapes.

Plot Bunny: Here Bandor says the Princess vs Pilot Line "Your in love but he won’t say it because he's just a pilot." Sven's response on the matter. "When this is over we can talk of love."

Corny Speech Alert! "No more than we owe them, Sven. We depend on them as much as they depend on us, and Voltron Defender of the Universe!" Keith

54 Envoy From Galaxy Garrison

Galaxy Garrison has sent an Arus a General to take over leading Voltron and the defense force of Planet Arus. He is outraged at the youth and lack of order the young pilot’s exhibit. He thinks they use Voltron far to much and that good on battle strategy will work just fine. A Robeast attack soon proves him wrong

Plot Bunny: Cossack was brought in to replace Lotor.

Plot Bunny: Haggar wants to be crowned Queen of Doom.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon wants to get rid of Lotor.

Plot Bunny: At end of episode Voltron force was declared a special fighting unit of Galaxy Garrison.

55 Mousemania

Haggar turns a Robeast into a cute white cat and sends it to the castle, Pidge finding it and putting it to use against the space mice who are always stealing from him. In the night the cat lets Haggar’s blue cat into the castle and they both star tearing apart its interworkings.

Plot Bunny: Pidge likes to cook and is good at it.

56 The Shell Game

A crustacean like Robeast attacks a city on Arus. They try to use the Lions to lure it away from the city it immobilizes all but the Blue Lion. The Robeast molt, leaving a shell of itself behind then digs its way to the castle and infiltrates it to destroy it from within. Allura gets the lion crest key from her father and gives it to the mice to use (I know, a double whammy of stupid mice plus ghost rescue)

Plot Bunny: Hunk is still a heavy Sleeper

Plot Bunny: The castle's crest can fire a magical plasma type beam.

57 The Traitor

Doom needs Lazon! and they send out an expedition to the desert planet Zaul to farm it. Among the slaves sent to Zaul is Joran a slave used to be a soldier for a Zarkon aligned planet. The other slaves attack him and he falls off a ledge. He is saved from being found by Omnia who lives in an hidden underground city there. Hearing the Planets distress call the force arrives and plans an assault on the new Lazon processing plant to destroy it.

Plot Bunny: Adarians were an ancient race who built the elaborate underground city.

Plot Bunny: As a boy Prince Lotor’s first command was to destroy the planet Zaul, turning it into a desert wasteland.

Plot Bunny!: Lotor had red hair? (Boy, I’m glad he stopped dying it.) Okay in reality it was a line drawing of Joran that they miss-colored to have with doom skin and they the used it for Lotor as a kid! Ughh


58 Voltron Meets Jungle Woman

Haggar’s latest experiment goes bad when she tries to combine a fish and a man and doesn’t get the beast she imagined. The mans will proving too strong. She takes it to Planet Mira where they are harvesting giant poison producing flowers to put him to use there but he tries to escape and a jungle girl named Mirana rescues him. A Galaxy Alliance ship crash lands on the planet and Galaxy Garrison sends for the Voltron Force to help. Mira and the fish man find the ship and she takes Lt. Lorn the pilot who was injured in the crash to heal him just as the group is attacked by Doom soldiers. Mira, Lorn and the fish man escaping the rest being taken as slaves.

Plot Bunny: Lotor drinks "'Mean Potions"???

59 Little Buddies

When passing through the Azure quadrant they pass a planet that Hunk rememberd helping years ago and he goes to re-visit it for a mini vacation. His vacation is soon interrupted by Cossack and Haggar.

Plot Bunny: Hunk was sent to a Doom destroyed planet as a test to see if he was Alliance material. While there he befriends some orphans and gets them to help rebuild.

60 Who Was That Masked Man?

Planet Pollux takes center stage on this one and its an utter Romelle and Sven sap fest. A Doom slave ship crash lands on Pollux but its a trick to capture Romelle and use her as bait to get Allura.

POLT BUNNY!: This is the episode where the line "Romelle how I long to share my dreams with you, ah, but I am only a pilot" was said by Sven.

POLT BUNNY!: Also when Romelle finally admits her love to Sven. "Sven, I know how you feel about me and I feel the same way about you!"

61 Take a Robot to Lunch

We visit Planet Caspia where we meet an amazing robot.

Arus gets a visitor in the pacifist robot tech named MaryAnn Eo she has come to pay her respects to her parents grave when the force follow her to her world where Cossack and Haggar have stolen one of her robots and plan to use him as a new weapon.

PLOT BUNNY: Hunk seems smitten by MaryAnn from the start, unfortunately for him Keith charms the socks off of her.

PLOT BUNNY: Apparently Keith is an accomplished medic, who knew? Hunk. "If anyone can you’re the guy, doctor Keith."

PLOT BUNNY: Allura somehow forms the Blazing Sword from the Blue Lion

62 War and Peace... and Doom! (facepalms at the bad continuity editing)

The planet Oron under the leadership of General Kruger has separated from the Alliance. Graham sends the Voltron force to find out what is going on there. Doom seeing their chance move in telling the planet they will be there new allies. (yeah, that's going to go well for them)

PLOT BUNNY!: This is the episode where the team tease Keith about accidently getting into the Blue Lion with Allura. "Keith said he got lost in the dark." Pidge

63 Who's Flyin' Blue Lion? The Return of Sven!

Doom teams up with Largo the King of the Rouge Galaxy to attack the Alliance and Garrison Command Peace talks on earth go awry as Doom attacks. Lotor and Cossack take the leaders of the galaxy prisoners and fore the force to hand over their lions but before they all surrender Sven leads a counterattack then joins them in the Blue Lion to run off Lotor.

Corny Speech Alert! "All right, listen. Their strong, the rouge galaxy is a hundred times larger than ours, not to mention Zarkon and his thugs. Okay, so we’re out numbered, were out manned, but we’re not out classed! And we’ll come out of this in one peace if we hang tough. Guys like Largo have a big bark but when you stand up to em and stand fast they get real nervous. I say we go toe to toe with them, how bout you?" Keith

64 Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness

Zarkon decides to call in Queen Merla and Stride to aid in his fight. As soon as Merla Arrives she has Lotor and Zarkon's minds bending to her will. Stride goes to Arus and offers his challenge, the ancient code arus is bound to forcing Keith to have to accept it.

Plot Bunny: Mention of the ancient Astro Knights, the Wolf Knights, Lion Warriors Hawk Fighters, and Tiger Fighters.

Plot Bunny: Stride's Father of the Tiger Fighters fought alongside Alfor

Plot Bunny: Stride’s planet has a past conflict with the Alliance making it unable to join the Alliance today.

65 A Ghost of a Chance

Merla plots to capture Allura and put her in her Cosmotron. Allura is lured out alone by the rumor of the resurrection of her father. Keith--alright... along with the rest of the team, run after her to save her. Allura escapes but the rest of the teamget trapped. Allura is then captured by Merla but Lotor saves her.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon and Alfor had fought one-on-one

Plot Bunny: Lotor wears shoulder pads to look bigger.

Allura: “He thinks he’s so great just because he’s got big muscles.”
Merla: “They’re not really that big. I’ll tell you a secret. Underneath his uniform he wears foam rubber shoulder pads.”

Plot Bunny: King Alfor's ghost acknowledges Allura as the true pilot of Blue Lion

66 To Sooth the Savage Robeast

Lotor and Merla get engaged on Doom. Merla plots to deliver a potion drink to Keith for his birthday. Allura gets jealous that someone sent him a love token. Meanwhile, Keith is out picking flowers for Allura. To save Allura Lotor comes to Arus to warn Keith about the drink.

Plot Bunny: Lotor and Merla have a very short lived engagement.

Plot Bunny: Haggar can disguise herself as a human woman.

Plot Bunny: Allura realizes she has jealous feelings about Keith.

Plot Bunny: Lotor’s feelings for Allura overpower his hatred for Keith.

67 Doom Girls on the Prowl

A town hosts a parade to celebrate its hero’s. Statues of the late king Princess Allura and Captain Keith are paraded through the streets with fanfare. Keith’s host Allura up on top of a statue for a better look and an accidental snuggle. Merla and Haggar crash the parade. Lance Hunk and Pidge try to hold off the attack in the Lions while Keith Allura and Coran evacuate the people. The three pilots go missing, Keith and Allura go out to find them. End of episode Allura visits her father, his ghost parsing how well she and Keith fought together calling Keith a 'true champion'.

Plot Bunny: Coran does not approve of public shows of affection between Keith and Allura.

Plot Bunny: Allura delivers her infamous line. "I Guess he (King Alfor) approves of you, Keith." followed by hand holding.

With Friends Like You

The commet like planet Phylos is passing by Arus. Lotor is buuilding a temple to Allura there. Zarkon bows up his plans taking over to Build the hercullian genrator that can distroy planets. Zarkon has Merla attack a space fleet to lure out Voltron. Count Zane of Phylos comes to Arus to warn them, Lance quickly becoming suspicious of him.

Plot Bunny: Castle of Lions can become a spaceship.

Corny Speach Alert! "Why? Because we’re fighting for something we believe in, Lotor. And even though count Zane fooled us today we’d rather believe in people too much, than not believe in them enough. That’s just the way it is when you are on the team with Voltron, Defender of the Universe!" Keith

69 Lotor - My Hero...?

The force must find a cadmium flower to save a village woman from one of Haggar's spells. Lotor tires to attack his fatehr but is defeated and locked up. Zarkon visits his doom base they secrety built on Pollux. Sven leads a team to distroy the base, he sends Bandor to warn the Voltron force.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon and Haggar are over a thousand years old.

Plot Bunny: Lotor decares war on his father.

70 No Muse is Good Muse

It is the day of Alfor's Eclipse on Arus, and Romelle and Sven are vising for the celebration. Haggar secretly builds a super robeast to designed to defeat Volton. Merla uses the Muses of Norn to capture Bandor. Lotor lures Voltron to the Norn sun where one of Haggars lesser robeasts awaits. Voltron defeats it but crases onto Norn in the process where the main robeast awaits.

71 The Alliance Strikes Back

The team flies to Doom to try and free its slaves. Zarkon remote controls his ship to collide into a trapped Voltron with Lotor inside. Having lost her evil telepathic powers Merla flies her flying horse ship and frees Voltron to save Lotor's life. Zarkon has Lotor captured and schedules his execution, he its to be chained and left to the vultures to be made an example of. Merla gets the Voltron force to help her save Lotor.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon used to be a warrior.

Plot Bunny: Zarkon chains Lotor up to die

Plot Bunny: Lotor ponders what it would be like to be good.

72 Breaking Up is Hard to Doom

Lotor goes to Merla to join with her in Marriage. He goes to help Voltron to prove to her his new loyalty. Lotor and Merla help them to defeat Doom. The arrive on the planet to take the Castel but Lotor's true intentions are soon reveled.The Planet Blows up but it turns out to have just have been a decoy.

Zarkon has a great line in this one. As the Voltron Force enters his throne room. “Let see, you’re looking for a heart, a brain, and Kansas.”

Plot Bunny: Merla’s planet is exclusively for females, no men allowed.

Corny Speach Alert! "No chance Zarkon. You’re a legend in your own mind, so let me clue you in. Two bit tyrants with fancy tiles are a dime a dozen but there’s only one Voltron, defender of the universe." Keith

Lion Voltron 1 | Lion Voltron 2 | Vehicle Voltron

"From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the Solar System, they maintained peace throughout the universe until a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy. Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story of the superforce of space explorers. Specially trained and sent by the alliance to bring back, Voltron: Defender of the Universe."