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Plot Bunnies!

Plot bunnies are those moments that fanfic writers grab onto that spur their imaginations to give birth to more and more ideas, plots soon breeding like, well, rabbits!

You will often see repeating themes in fanfictions, some come from the show, others were born in the world of fanfiction. This is a list of the most common ones that come from the canon and where to find them.

Do note, some of the information given in the show is very contradictory, distances, planet names and even some character names change episode to episode so that grants you a lot of creative freedom for your own interpretations of the Voltron Universe. And of course just because something was in the show does not mean it has to be so in your story. Having creative fun coming up with your own realities and even why somthing may have been misrepresented in the show can make for a great fic.

The hope is that fanfic writers will find this list useful to help them find where those themes that are often seen repeatedly FanFiction originated from.

Look for a more complete listing of bunnies in my Episode Guides. This list of most commonly used bunnies will continue to grow as I revisit the old episodes.

Common Bunnies used in FanFictions from the orignal shows:


In episode LV7 The Lion Has New Claws Nanny uttered “You mean theses scoundrels work for the Princess? You’re nothing but a bunch of hoodlums!”

"Hurricane Nanny"

Hunk gets creit for thise one. “Sounds like a real bad storm. Hurricane Nanny.” Hunk LV23 It Takes Real Lions

Nanny and Coran on the Allura 'must wed someone propper' kick:

Nanny and Coran discuss Allura’s need to find a Prince Consort and produce an heir in LV20 Pidge’s Home Planet

Coran does not approve of public shows of affection between Keith and Allura in LV67 Doom Girls on the Prowl.

No Kisses for Keith:

Lance and Pidge get all the love when it comes time for victory kisses at the end of missions. (even when Keith does the saving!) In LV9 A Pretty Spy after getting a kiss from Allura Lance says. “It was really Keith, but who’s keeping score?” (Um lance, I think Keith is.)

Alfor Approves of Keith:

Allura delivers her infamous line. "I Guess he (King Alfor) approves of you, Keith." followed by hand holding in LV67 Doom Girls on the Prowl

Commander/Captan Flip Flop:

Keith's title continually flips flops. LV1 he's 'Air Leader', Ep 2 he's 'Commander' LV4 he's 'Captain'. (Talk about rapid career advancement!) His title continues to flip flop and is even called Chief on occasion. (He's Chief in GoLion)


First Seen in LV4, Allura can speak telepathically to the space mice.

Seen in LV Episode LV20 Pidge’s Home Planet. Keith is able to mentally send a message to Allura to come aid them.


In LV9 A Pretty Spy Keith senses Twyla’s magic looking in on them outside their door.

Seen in LV49 Coran's Son Runs Amuck, The insight mind power on Arus is called Khee (my own fanciful spelling for it, it is pronounced Key)

Krik and Cinda's race has an innate sixth sense and can feel impending danger VV4 Goodbye, New World as well as sense others around them VV37 The Red Moon People

Bonding with the Lions:

Seen in LV 11 The Stolen Lion, The lions will only work for those who are worthy of them.

The Lions are Powered by the Elements

When Alfor created the lions he gave each a unique power source. Black, Lightning. Red, Fire. Yellow, Magma. Green, Cyclone. Blue, Water. As seen in LV29 Magnetic Attraction.

Ancient Wariors:

In LV64 Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness there is Mention of the ancient Astro Knights, the Wolf Knights, Lion Warriors Hawk Fighters, and Tiger Fighters.

Later in the same episode the team meets Stride who's father fought alongside Alfor.

Princess vs Pilot:

in LV ep LV20 Pidge’s Home Planet Keith acknowledges being Queen is Allura’s job and protecting the plant is theirs.

Also in LV20 Pidge’s Home Planet Keith delivers his epic line… “Princess… Why did you have to be a Princess?”

In LV 53 Dinner and a Show Bandor says the Princess vs Pilot Line to Sven and Romelle. "Your in love but he won’t say it because he's just a pilot."

The "But I am only a pilot:" Line was delivered by Sven in Episode LV60 'Who was that Masked Man'. "Romelle, how I long to share my dreams with you. Ah, but I am only a pilot"

Lance Knows:

Lance seems to realize the undercurrents of tension in Keith when there is mention of Allura marring and having children by placing a comforting hand on his shoulder in LV20 Pidge’s Home Planet.

Blond Ambition:

Lotor has a thing for blonds, his entire harem of slaves is full of them. As seen in LV15 Give Me Your Princess.

Lotor dreams of a woman who looks like Allura in LV30 The Sleeping Princess. (its his mother in GoLoin)

Romelle Abused By Lotor:

Seen in LV21 It'll Be a Cold Day, Lotor carries an unconscious Romelle from Doom’s dungeon to later return her in an exhausted haze that she passes out from. Draw between the lines what you will.

Romelle Admits her Love to Sven:

"Sven, I know how you feel about me and I feel the same way about you!" Episode LV60 'Who was that Masked Man'.

K & A Get Cozy in the Blue Lion:

The team tease Keith about 'accidently' getting into the Blue Lion with Allura. "Keith said he got lost in the dark." said Pidge in episode LV62 'War Peace and Doom'.

Keith the Pin Cusion:

Keith gets his head bashed with a rock in LV14 Yurak Gets His Pink Slip.

Keith gets gashed by Lotor’s laser sword across the back while saving Allura in LV15 Give Me Your Princess.

Keith gets gasehd deeply across the chest in LV47 Summit Meeting.

Showing Some Skin!

Allura looses her top swimming with the boys in LV23 It Takes Real Lions.

Allura runs arond in a towel in LV13 The Witch Gets a Facelift.

Allura and Nanny walk in on Keith taking a shower in LV35 and the others are all in towels in Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics.

Allura is caught dressing in LV46 Mighty Space Mouse.

The Vehicle team goes for a bathing suit clad swim in VV9. A Very Short Vacation

Pidge and Chip are Twins

This one comes from the Vehicle Voltron episode VV35 Letters from Home Chip worries about Pidge when he doesn't get a letter from home.

Jeff's inner Captain Kirk

Jeff openly flirts with Ginger in several episodes (example VV9 A Very Short Vacation) but he and Lisa also share quiet supportive moments in several episodes (example VV31 Smashing the Meteor Barrier) And when on a planet of amazons his male curiosity is perked VV28 Planet of the Amazons

Who does Jeff really have eyes for? Well that is up to fanfic writers as the show always kept it anyone’s guess.

Bunnies From Other Sources

Keith's name is Kogane

Akira Kogane was Keith's name in the original GoLion series. That name was never used in the original 80's shows and is why many early fictions based on the 80's cartoon will often use different last names as there never was one given and access to GoLion was virtually nonexistent. Voltron in comics resurrected Kogane from the canon and it is now also used as his last name in the new Voltron Force series. It's only in been in the later years that it has become accpted as his offical name in the fandome.

Pidge is Descended from Ninjas!

Think that's from Voltron Force? Nope, that's from the original show GoLoin! GoLion Ep 3, A Ghost and the Five Keys.

Lion Bonding with the Pilots:

Seen in Devils Due Comics while piloting the lions they connect with them mentally and can speak with each other telepathically.

Keith was Engaged:

Keith was engaged but his fiancee was killed as seen in the Devils Due Comics.

Mice are Cybernetic:

First appears in Devils Due Comic Series Continues in Voltron Force TV show.

You mean theses scoundrels work for the Princess? You’re nothing but a bunch of hoodlums!”

“Princess… Why did you have to be a Princess?”

"Romelle, how I long to share my dreams with you. Ah, but I am only a pilot"

"Keith said he got lost in the dark."

"Your in love but he won’t say it because he's just a pilot."