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The Law According To Love

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The Law According To Love
Part Four

Making the most of it

They enjoy their exquisite meal in welcomed silence each thankful for the diversion, just remarking on the outstanding food every so often. But soon the food runs out.

Keith sits back in his chair. "Well that was, by far, the best meal I've had in a long time."

"Mmmmmm, yes." Allura agrees, as she takes the last spoonful of her dessert. Then sits back herself. "Don't tell Nanny that. She'd have a fit."

"Oh, trust me, Nanny's the last person I want to tell about tonight."

Allura bursts into laughter, covering her mouth with her hand. Keith just grins… his fist going to his mouth fighting back his chuckles. Then something from the flower covered trellis overhead lands in Allura's dessert bowl.

"Huhhh?" she gasps, then, looks at it curiously and then, picks it up. "What's this?"

Keith instantly recognizes it. "This..." He reaches over taking it from her hand. "Means that Lance wasn't the only one in on this little prank. This is one of the new micro cams Pidge has been working on."

"Pidge! No, not Pidge!"

"And…if I'm not mistaken, your little friends are in on this, too."

"No! The…No they wouldn't…"

Keith slides his chair back slightly, wipes his mouth with his napkin, and sets it down. "If you would excuse me." But before she can answer, Keith leaps straight up into the air, grabbing onto the trellis above, and pulling himself up partway. "Gotcha!"

Allura forgets herself completely, as a shower of flower petals suddenly begins to rain down on her from above. She sits up straight, arches her head back, and reaches out her arms to feel the soft petals as they brush past her skin, reveling in their glorious fragrance.

"Ummm, Allura?" Keith hesitantly calls down to her. He looks down from above, mouse still in hand…and his eyes locked on what could have been the only camera angle they were getting.

"Hmmm, yesss…Keith." Allura purrs up to him…eyes closed, and now, covered in flowers.

Keith too forgets himself, lost in the sheer beauty of his petal-covered princess and this new and ...uh, revealing side of her! The mouse, seeing its chance to attempt escape, gives Keith a slight nip on his thumb.

"Ouch!" Keith releases it, but due to lack of planning on the mouse's part, there is nothing below for it to grab onto. So, it drops straight down into and down the front of Allura's dress…finally snapping Keith out of his gawking stare.

Allura lets out a gasp, snapping upright, her hands flying to her chest, with petals now flying everywhere. She then reaches in and pulls out the little spy out by its tail. Bringing it to eye level, she glowers at it.

"Why you little…. I thought you were my friends? But no, you had to go and… and… you… ah… umm."

Allura's reprimand comes to a stall as she allows herself to look at Keith, as he frees himself from the vines above. At first all she can see is his legs hanging down. Those legs in those old worn jeans, that don't hide much, and that he hardly wears enough. Sweety was right on that one!

As he slowly descends, his white Tee shirt gets hung up, giving her a view of him she has rarely seen, but has never forgotten. In a very, ‘un-princess-like manner’, she lets her eyes take in his toned masculine form, as he inches his way down in front of her. He lands with the grace of a cat, adjusting his shirt back down.

He stares at her curiously, taking in her vacant expression. "Allura, are you all right?" he says, as he starts to smile, and then, outright laughs, breaking her out of her daze.

"What?!?” She tries to give him her dejected scowl, but fails miserably at it, soon giggling as well.

"You are absolutely covered in flowers." he says to her, as he grabs his chair, sets it down in front of her, sits down, and begins to pick them gently out of her hair, one by one. He continues to laugh. "I'm really sorry, Princess." He barely manages his words through his chuckles.

"Keith, You're bleeding!" Allura suddenly gasps, dropping the mouse to her lap. She quickly grabs his hand in hers to inspect his thumb. "Chitter…I'm ashamed of you! How could you?"

Keith tries to pull his hand away. "It's fine, Allura. Just a little nip is all."

She pulls his thumb to her lips and kisses it, freezing mid kiss. She looks up to him, his thumb still resting on her lips.

Keith's eyes grow darker than she has ever seen them and she in instantly lost in their depths. The rest of his hand moves to caress her cheek and jaw, as his thumb still rests on her slightly parted lips.

Their faces begin moving closer, now only inches apart.

"Keith?" Allura whispers. "Do you…Do you love me?"

Keith closes his eyes and rests his forehead on hers, his thumb unconsciously running along her lower lip. "Please don't make me say it."

He wraps his other hand around the back of her head, as her other hand comes up to caress his neck, nestling it, gently, into his hair…their breath steadily becoming more and more rapid.

"Allura." Keith opens his eyes to look into the depths of hers. "I..."

"Sven, Vhere are dey?! Vhat have you done?!" Nanny shouts, as she bursts into the restaurant with Sven's head in an arm lock.

The pair quickly part…

"Oh no," Allura gasps suddenly.

"Guess who's coming to dinner." Keith adds, now rising to his feet with Allura.

Nanny now has Sven by the scruff of the neck, making a ruckus as she enters the room, followed closely behind by Coran, with Lance, Hunk and Pidge in tow. Patrons begin to turn around, observing the commotion.

"I have vorned you and vorned you!" Nanny shouts at the male members of the Voltron Force, now being forcefully dragged through the restaurant. "You are a BAD influence on her! Now...look at vhat you have done!"

Allura and Keith cross the room to meet the rest of their friends. Nanny pushes Sven aside and walks right up to Keith, shaking her finger at him... "YOU! You of ALL people! I expected more out of you, Captain!"

"Nanny...let me explain," Keith begins.

"No…you let ME explain!" Nanny shouts him as she points at Allura. "She is a Princess! You...are a...a...a commoner!" Nanny then turns to Allura and begins shouting at her. "And you, young lady, have much to explain! Is dis how you repay me for years of faithful service to you? Years of seeing to it dat you are dressed properly...eat properly...sleep properly... only to make me vorry now? Vhere did I go wrong, Allura?"

"Nanny," Coran interjects, trying to calm the royal governess down. "I am certain that Keith meant no harm..."

"Meant no harm?" Nanny shouts at Coran. "Do you honestly approve of dis behavior? Vhy...just look at how she is dressed!"

"I beg your pardon!" Allura shouts back. "I'm dressed just fine!"

"You look pitiful! Have you learned no’ting about proper etiquette! Goodness child!! You...you look as if you have been rolling around in a field of flowers! You have flower pedals every’vhere!" Nanny shouts back.

"Nanny!" Keith cries out. "I think you're taking this a bit too far!"

“Uuuugggggghhhhhh! Vhat’s that?!?” Nanny rushes up to Keith, pulling at his shirt. “Look at you! Vhere have you two been?! And what have you two been…” Nanny then notices a twig in Keith’s hair and yanks it out. “Aaahhhhhhhh!!” Nanny swoons and starts to fall. Keith drops to catch her as Coran too, rushes in to aid. Nanny slaps Keith away… “Get your filthy hands off…”

“Hey, I was just…”

“Don’t you dare touch me! You…you…sex crazed…maniac!”

“WHAT!?!” Keith shouts as he abruptly begins to run his hands through his hair to calm himself down…but his body still starts to shake. “Oh, now you’re pushing it, lady!”

"Never mind, you…you!" Nanny shouts back at Keith as Coran helps her back to her feet. "You just stay away from her! She's been pining after you! I can see it in her eyes! You are not vorthy of her..."

"Now...just a cotton-picking' minute!" Hunk calls out from behind. "Keith is more worthy than some of the crummy princes you've been parading around the Castle within the last six months!"

"Yeah!" Pidge shouts, adding his voice to Hunk's. "You can't talk to him like that!"

"He's more of a prince in character, than you'll ever find in the chumps you’ve been digging up!" Lance added.

"Are you suggesting dat Commander Keith is...is…vhat are you saying?" Nanny shouts back. "She is a Princess! He is not! There's nothing more to be said!"

"I am a woman!" Allura cries out, suddenly. "And very capable of making my own choices in life...even regarding love!"

"You can't be serious, child!" Nanny says to her. "Allura... you are a Princess! The people would never accept a commoner as their King!"

"Now...hold on!" Keith chimes in with his eyes suddenly opening up wide. "Who said anything about being King?"

"You shut up!" Nanny shouts at Keith.

"You will not speak to him like this, Nanny!" Allura shouts at her. "You have no right, speaking to Keith in this way!"

"He has no right fraternizing with a royal!" Nanny replies.

The patrons start mumbling to each other... and for a moment, Lance thinks he had heard the replies from one nearby table, saying,

"What's the matter with Commander Keith being with the Princess?"
"Well...if they love each other..."
"Why should we care who rules with her?"


Nanny turns and screams, “You have no’ting to say, Captain…accept to apologize for…”

“Forgive me, Nanny, but…SHUT UP!” Keith shouts at her.

Nanny, suddenly taken back, gasps in a loud and exaggerated tone…but suddenly is silenced.

The entire restaurant also suddenly falls silent. Even the music stops.

All eyes move to Keith as he stands in the middle of the room, arms outstretched to his sides. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

“WHO…said anything about ME being KING?!”

Nanny moves to speak, but the look of death Keith shoots her stops her before she utters a sound.

“For once…and for all! I cannot marry Allura!” He spins around on all of them, giving them all the same possessed look. “Do you hear me? I can’t marry her! I CAN’T!!!”

Everyone takes a big step back, even Allura. No one ever had imagined seeing Keith lose it like this. Keith’s hands shoot back into his hair and he drops his head…his whole body shaking. And he mutters, just under his breath. “I can’t marry her.” His breathing slowly beginning to sound more racked… “I…I just…can’t…”

He then bolts for the nearest exit, slamming the door open and disappears into the shadows.

“Keith! Keith…WAIT!” Allura calls after him and moves to follow.

Coran stops her by grabbing her arm. “Better to let him cool off, I think.”

“Get your hand off of me!” Allura snarls, ripping her arm free.

Nanny moves in suddenly, grabbing onto her shoulders from behind. “Let him go, Princess!”

“Leave me…ALONE!” Allura shouts, wrenching herself free from Nanny. She runs toward the door, screaming, “KEITH!! COME BACK!!!!”

She runs out of the restaurant after him, and she too, disappears into the dark.

“Allura, NO!” Nanny shouts after her. “Allura get back here, right dis instant!! Allura! Coran, stop her! She can’t go out there with… with… HIM! Oh my God Ughhhhhhh….” Nanny falls in a dead faint on the floor.

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