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- by Moira
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The Law According To Love

-Part 1
-Part 2
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The Law According To Love

The Law According To Love
A combined story written by Moira and Adele.

Adele and I both hosted respective Ask Keith Ask Allura columns. When a pattern of letters started arriving we saw a story forming before our eyes. So, we tossed the story back and forth hot potato style. Hope you enjoy. This story is completely independent of any of the story arcs of our fictions.

Special thanks to Seylena, Moira's paralegalproofreader, for doing the research into Arusian Law.

The Law According to Love is based on letters to "Ask Keith" and "Ask Allura"

Rated PG-17 (okay...maybe not THAT bad...but there are...uh...hints! Hehehe, I'm a bad influence on Adele, hehehe...)

Mouse Trobles by Zejan (April 30, 2004)
A special thanks to the Wonder Monkey for the Illustration!!!

Part One: The Letters that started the tale
Part Two: The Plot is Hatched
Part Three: Dinner for Three
Part Four: Making the most of it
Part Five: Penny for your Toughts
Part Six: The Bookworm