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- by Moira


Moira's Fiction

Full Length Stories

Happily Ever After, hosted on FFN Please Review!
(a work in progress. Updates posted to FFN)
My longest and most involved Voltron fan fiction to date. An epic tale delving into many of the characters across the Voltron universe and into their and Voltron’s past with a heavy Keith and Allura focus.

The Suitors
This story takes place during the time just after the defeat of Doom. There is new hope for the future. Galaxy Garrison is now expanding into the area so as to never let what happened with Zarkon ever happen again. The Voltron force, having fought to freedom, are heroes. Word has spread throughout the worlds of their achievements. Galaxy Garrison has its eye on the team members, especially one particular team member, trying to find where their talents would be used best in the galaxies. Planet Arus is starting over. It is time to reinstate the government and return to normal life, as it once was before Doom. And now, it is truly time for planet Arus to select its new king, who will lead them into their bright new future.

The Greatest Gift, also Hosted On FFN
Please Review!
A Voltron Christmas Tale, How important is the life of one man? As long as Keith has been on Arus he has avoided Christmas, to the puzzlement and annoyance of his friends. What happens when what Keith cares about most is taken away from him on this most hated time of year? Go with Keith on his guided journey to discover the importance of one man, himself.

Stand Alone Shorts

Stand Alone Shorts are quick little tales that are not connected to any other fan fiction work. Great for when you want just a quick K & A fix. Many of these came from writing challenges issued by other fan fiction writers.

A Fall Fic Challange
A one shot challange issued by Cubbie

A Merry Unraveling Christmas
A one shot K & A Christmas sap fest.

A Meeting in the Blue Lion Fan Fic Challenge
This was a fun fic challenge from the KAEX Yahoo Group. As it was February I had also had valentines on my mind, Enjoy.

'First Time' Fan Fic Challenge
How did K & A first... well... you know. A challange from the KAEX Yahoo Group.

The Lion Has New Claws REVISITED
A Re-write your most hated scene in Voltron Fic Challenge from the KAEX Yahoo Group.

Fifty Shades of K&A Fic Challange
A challenge was set forth on KAEX to combine the themes of the 50 Shades book with K&A. My spin, what would happen when some members of the force read the book?

Episode 66.5 Birthday Cake and Beer
My version of what happened at the end of ep 66 and before episode 67


"As one suffering from extreme dyslexia I’ve found writing to be a fun escape as well as a tortuous challenge.

I’ve always had stories in my head but never even thought to writing them down as all though my educational years it had been drummed into me that writing was something I could not do.

Exploring the world of Fan Fiction has changed that that mindset, and while my grammar and spelling skills are ever challenged the pleasure in putting the stories down outweighs that personal frustration."