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- by Moira
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The Law According To Love

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The Law According To Love
Part Two

The Plot is Hatched


“Blue Two to Green Three. Mouse unit one is deployed. Should be getting picture now…”


(Keith is pacing around his room with a paper in his fist.)

“Sven’s gonna get an earful tonight!” He tosses it down on the bed and paces over to his closet flinging the door open. “Now wear did I put…”

(He keeps rummaging…)

“Ah…” He pulls out a pair of old worn blue jeans. Tossing them over his shoulder, he dives back in, pulling out a white, long sleeved tee. He goes back to his bed and tosses them down, sitting beside them and then, starts to remove his boots.

(The camera moves abruptly away.)

“Inky what are you doing? I need a picture!” Sven grunts.

(The camera view shakes back and forth, instead giving an interesting mouse eye view of Keith’s discarded boots. Minutes pass and the camera moves to find Keith standing before his mirror, clad in his old jeans and the white tee, staring at himself intently.)

“I do not… I do… I do not… oh…this is stupid!” He moves back to his closet, digging around again…and then, finds a worn pair of old brown cowboy boots. He pulls them on, and then, abruptly adjusts his pant legs over the top of the boots. He marches back to his bed, abruptly snatching the paper email that had been laying on it, then, grabs an old leather coat from his chair, and leaves the room.


“Any’ting on your end Green Three?” Sven asks.

“Green Three...” Pidge’s voice replies back. “Roger that, Blue Two...
Image should be coming in….right about...

.... Now.”

<Crackle...fuzz... crackle, crackle...>

“Ah! At last! I was worried for a minute! Whew! Good job, Chitter! Now, let's see...
Allura is sitting at her desk...she's...writing…something...yes, YES! I think it’s... wait... Chitter...zoom in! Closer...closer... PERFECT! Hold it right there!

"Dear Journal,
It’s been a trying day...and its not over yet. It started with Romelle getting violently angry with Keith. She apparently doesn't understand him as I do. He's...well he's... **sigh** Okay... I don't understand him, either! What's the matter with me, Journal? Why is it that I attract all the wrong men? And the one man I want to be with, more than anything else in the world... ducks me at every turn! Ohhh...this is so incredibly frustrating! But Keith has his reasons... he's cited many of them.

He's pilot...I'm a princess. (Shouldn’t matter...but...)
He's my commanding officer. (So what?)
It will be too complicated to get into. (He’s skirting the issue...)

Oh... maybe Romelle's right. Maybe...he's just afraid of getting involved with me, because he thinks I'm going to hold him back, somehow.

(Allura takes a deep, cleansing breath)

Oh Journal....
I love a man I can never have, because he doesn't seem to think he can have me either. And now...Sven's going on about this meeting he wants to have with me. I know he and Romelle are up to something. And Keith's only going to get angrier than he was before. Sometimes...I wish I wasn't a princess. Will write more later. I've got to go and get that outfit ready for tonight. I only hope I can sneak out of the Castle with it on. Nanny will kill me if she sees me in it!

Ever truly yours,

“Okay... Chitter... pan the camera with her. Okay… she's moving to the left...toward her closet...”

Allura opens her closet door and looks inside. Shaking her head, she reaches in and pulls out, 'the dress'...a teal-colored little number with a frilly mini-skirt with a modest V-neck cut.

"Oh yes...Nanny will kill me if she sees me in this." Allura says outloud.

Allura turns and walks it over to the bed, laying it down. She carefully removes her tiara circlet and walks over to her vanity, placing it on the top of it. Then, she turns back toward the bed...and the dress.

"Well, I promised Sven I'd wear it. So wear it...I must. Just remember...Romelle picked it out. She meant well. But I know she meant me to wear it in front of Keith. And that's just NOT going to happen!"

(Pidge covers his mouth with his hand and snickers…)

“Hee hee hee... is SHE going to be surprised!!!! Right, Blue Two??
Green Three...out.”

“Roger dat, Green Three. Red Four…are you dare? What’s your report? Over…”

“Sven…Keith is heading my, way hold on….” Lance grins leans up against the wall as

(Keith approaches. Lance is about to speak…)

“Shut up Lance!” Keith barks without looking or missing a stride.

“Guys… I don’t know about this…Keith is in a real mood.” Lance says quietly into his COM link, as he watches Keith storm out of sight.

“Red Four …this is Blue Two… we will not abort. Do you read?”

“Yes sir.”

(Lance sends inky to follow at a safe distance.)

Keith stops at an armory closet and pulls on a gun belt and grabs a small pack with emergency supplies, just in case, as he always does. He pulls on his jacket and then, the pack over that… and heads out on the castle.

“Yellow Five…this is Blue Two…stand by he’s heading outside.”

Hunk hides just outside, small viewer in hand.

“Got em Blue Two.” Hunk watches Keith, as he walks down a path. “Looks like he’s going to the stable. Squeak, follow him.”

(The view of Keith, walking into the stable, comes to life on his screen.)

“Good job, Squeak. Keep with him.” Hunk whispers.

(The camera follows as Keith enters the barn and approaches his favorite stead. The giant white stallion greets his approach with a whinny, ‘nay’ sound.)

“Hello my friend.” Keith reaches out to touch the nose of the horse. “Ready to go for a ride?”

The horse nuzzles his hand. Keith then disappears into the tack room to quickly reappear with an armful of tack and supplies. He enters the stall, brush in hand and begins grooming the horse.

“Your not going to ask me any questions about Allura, are you? You understand. What can’t be…can’t be. Why does everyone refuse to acknowledge that?” He produces a comb and begins to work on the animal’s mane. “Do I love her? That’s all they seem to want to know. Will you marry her?”

The horse flicks its head as Keith pulls too hard on a knot.

“Sorry fella…” He rubs its neck. “They just have me so angry!” He moves to the animal’s head to comb its forelock. “Do I love her? What kind of stupid question is that? Am I allowed to love her? That’s the real question…and we all know that answer. No, I am not allowed to love Allura.”

Keith continues to groom, cleaning and checking the horse’s hooves, ears and eyes. He then grabs up the blanket and saddle, placing them on top of the animal, and then, cinching the girth, he then puts on the bridle. He leads the horse out of its stall.

“Well my friend are you ready? I don’t have to be there till nine, so we have two hours all to ourselves. And quite frankly…” He rubs the horse’s head. “I really need it.”

He then easily swings up into the saddle and rides off in the opposite direction of the meeting place.

“Did you get that? Tell me you got that? He does love Allura! I knew it!” Hunk calls into his COM.

“Look guys…” Lance answers. “I’m really getting a bad feeling about this.”

“Lance that’s not like you.” Hunk says. “You’d be the first one to…”

“I think we might be pushing our luck with this one.” Lance says to everyone. “We might really hurt Keith.”

“Nonsense!” Sven barks. “Red Four, get wit it! You cannot abort now!”

The time is 8:13pm.

Allura exits her chambers...as quiet as a mouse. In stealth mode, she begins to creep around corners...ever watchful for any sign of Coran...or worse...Nanny. She moves around one corner...then...around another. Still... around another one. Finally... she has made her way to the front entrance of the Castle.

"A clean getaway..." she thinks cleverly, to herself.


Allura pauses...cringing. Well...almost...a clean getaway.

"Vhat in da name of King Alfor is dat, dat…dat ting dat you are v’earing?" Nanny shouts. "And jist vhat are you doing, young lady?"

Allura defiantly stands up to her. "I'm...I'm going out, Nanny."

"GOING OUT...IN…DAT...DAT… NO! Absolutely not! You are not properly dressed! You don't even have your royal tiara on! You look like a ...a..."

"A commoner?" she snorts back.

"Yes...YES! Dat's it! You look like a commoner! Now, dis is no type of outfit for a royal person! You vill turn around, immediately, and march yourself back to your chambers, dis instant!' Nanny shouts.

"Absolutely not!" Allura firmly replies back. "I am NOT a baby! I am not untouchable! I will do as like...when I like...with whomever I like! And if I chose to be seen with a Prince or a common young man...is no one's concern but my own!"

"Common young man??? Have you gone mad, Allura?" Nanny shouts angrily. "You just listen to me, young lady! You may be all grown up...but as long as I am royal governess...you vill act and dress, as a princess should! Now..."


Both women turn and see Lance...standing in the middle of the main hallway...his feet loaded with mud!

"You just won't believe what I've been doing!" Lance cries out, laughing like crazy.


While Nanny is busy scolding Lance for his muddy feet, Allura sees it as an opportunity to exit the Castle... quickly.

On her way out, she sees Hunk...leaning up against the Black Lion Monument.
"HI'YA PRINCESS!" Hunk shouts cheerfully.

"I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER, HUNK!" Allura shouts back, looking at her watch.


Hunk waves at her...watching her run across the bridge toward the royal stables. He lifts his wrist and activates his COM link, once again.

"This is Yellow Five! Come in, Green Three! The Princess is on her way to the stables now! She's getting ready to meet at your position, over?"

“Yellow Five... this is Green Three…I read you! We're set here!”
Pidge hunkers down in the hay of the stable looks down to Chitter and Cheesy.

"Okay, mouse patrol one! You know what you must do! So do it!!"

The mice hop and skip across the hay, holding in their hands a tiny microchip camera. They take their positions on an overhang that looks down toward the Princess's favorite horse... Sweetheart.

Allura comes into the stable, dressed in a teal-colored dress with the modest V-neck opening in the front. Her hair is down in her usual style...with no circlet on her head.
"Well, hello Sweetheart!" Allura beams brightly at the horse.

She walks up and give her horse a taste of sugar. Seeing that the stable hands have already saddled her up, she pats the horse gently on the side of the face.

“So...I suppose you already know why I'm here, don't you? Well, I feel a bit silly...
wearing this dress. Nanny was hard to get rid of...and as it is...I'm going to be late to Mrs. Jeans place. But...we'll do the best we can, right?"

She quickly mounts Sweetheart and tugs on the reins. "Okay girl... giddy-up!"
As she rides out of the stables... Pidge lifts his wrist COM up to his mouth....

"Blue Two... this is Green Three! She’s en-route to your location! Hope she makes it before party number two shows up!"

Pidge closed off transmission...smiling.

"Boy...is Keith in for a surprise!"

Allura rides up to Mrs. Jeans restaurant and dismounts Sweetheart. Sven opens the door and is standing there.

"Princess! Where have you been! It's almost nine o'clock! I was beginning to tink dat…" Sven anxiously says. He then throws the reins to the waiting stable attendant. "Here...quickly! Take da horse! Put her in da stable!"

He then grabs Allura's hand, practically dragging her into Mrs. Jeans.

Allura looks at Sven, awkwardly. "Sven! What's going on? Why the rush???"

"Just come wit me...hurry!" Sven shouted. "I'll explain it all later!"

Allura hurriedly is dragged into Mrs. Jeans. The door closes...with only seconds to spare, as another rider is approaching on horseback from the left.

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