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- by Moira
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The Law According To Love

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The Law According To Love
Part One

The Letters that started it all…

Dear Cousin Allura,

Sven just told me he is coming to Arus to speak to Keith about a very, 'important' matter. But between you and I...YOU are the very important matter! Sven is going to try to talk some sense into that stubborn Voltron Commander of yours! ^_^ I will keep you posted!

Love you, Cousin!


Dear Romelle,

"Oh...REALLY??? When is Sven coming? Soon, I hope! I'm beginning to think that Keith doesn't even notice me! Sigh... Well, looking forward to good things... uh... uh-oh... I think I'm losing the connection! DARN YOU, CHITTER!! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU...DON'T CHEW THE COM LINK LINES!!!! Romelle...I'm going to lose you...I...

<<Transmission interrupted>>

Mouse Trobles by Zejan



Somehow the COMs are out so I figured I’d just e-mail you. This isn’t urgent or anything, it’s just well… You know how we had a workout scheduled for tonight. Well… uh… Sven just called. He’s on his way and he asked me if I would meet him at this little place in a nearby town to talk about something important. He also told me to wear something casual so as too not arouse too much attention. Something must be really on his mind so I really should go. I feel like such a heel canceling our workout over something that could be nothing. But Sven’s an old friend and I can’t let him down. You understand don’t you?

I’m sorry Princess.



Of course I understand! Please...feel free to meet with Sven! Please pass on my hellos to him when you see him. (Actually, Romelle called me via ultrawave...before the COMs went out...and she told me that Sven was planning a little visit to see you! I couldn't imagine what it was about...but knowing Sven, it must be important for him to venture out from Pollux)

Have a great time, Keith! We can reschedule when its a better time for you!

Lo...uh...I mean...



I want you to get up from your chair... right now... and walk yourself over to your mirror. I want you to look into the mirror...

Now... I want you to stare yourself right in the face and think about this question....

Can you HONESTLY say to yourself...and to me... that you don't LOVE my cousin, Allura???

Now...come back to your computer and sit down. Go on...I'll wait!! Okay...now, I want you to do this...I want you to type the words... 'I DO NOT LOVE ALLURA'!!!!

I dare you to...and mean it!

Come on, Keith! Don't disappoint me! Because that's all you've done, so far!!! If you can honestly say that you don't love Allura... MORE than just a friend... a close friend... if you don't love her romantically...don't dream of her...don't long to have her in your arms...then, say it here... and say it NOW!!! I'm about as frustrated as a girl can be!! You are leading on my cousin...and I think it’s awful!!!! If you weren't Sven's friend...oh.... I'm so... ANGRY with you, Keith!!

You say, "she's a princess, I'm a pilot. The two don't mix!" Horse-pucky!! You say, "She's the ruler of an entire planet!" And your point is??? That she...or you, for that matter, don't have the right to fall in love... all because of a stupid title between you? Are you going to stand there and tell me that you don't dream of being with her??? Don't wish that she were a regular girl...anything but a princess...so that you could approach her freely... ask to court her...TO HOLD HER HAND, FOR GOD'S SAKE????

Oh... Keith...

She LOVES you! Can't you see? Are you afraid to commit yourself to a ruling princess? Are you afraid of what that might mean for your freedom? If that's what it is...then say it!!! Don't hide behind silly statements like you have been!!!! HOW CAN YOU STAND TO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR????

Holy spacecows, Keith.... Please...just tell the truth!!! Allura can deal with the truth! If you're afraid to commit... then say...'Allura...I love you...but I'm afraid to commit!"

(Bangs head against wall in the palace)

Princess Romelle

cc: Princess Allura@Arus.net



How could you put Keith through that!!!!!???? I'm shocked at you! This is so unfair, Romelle! I know, you're only trying to come to my aid and look out for my feelings. But this certainly is not the way to go about it! Keith has his reasons, whatever they may be... and your unfair badgering of him isn't helping matters in the least! If he doesn't love me... then he owes me no explanations! Keith certainly does NOT make excuses, either! Humph!

Romelle... I'm very happy for you and Sven. You have found a true love between you that you can both share for a lifetime. I know you only want me to be happy. But surely, this can't be helpful! Keith is kind, compassionate, but he's also valiant and a gentleman.

I would hope you can apologize to him for your written attacks, Romelle. And I know that you will.


cc: Keith@arus.net



Just ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! If you're a man of honor...you'll answer the question...honestly...and not skirt it with more 'politically correct' answers... please, for Allura's sake!! PLEASE!!!! Answer the question...straight forward and honest!!

Do you love her? Yes...or No??? That's all you need to say... Yes... or NO!

PS: I'm sorry for being so abrupt previously.

>>> PRINCESS ROMELLE 04/06/04 10:52AM melle@pollux.com >>>


Princess Allura,

Dis is Sven. I need you to meet wit me tonight at 8:30 sharp at Mrs. Jeans little place. You know da one where you made Romelle and I go to for dat romantic dinner dat one time? I never did tank you for that. Dere is some’ting I need to talk to you privately about and only you. Please don't tell anyone you’re coming, especially Keit! You know how he gets. Oh, and wear some’ting casual so you blend in. Hey, you know dat dress Romelle sent you? Maybe you couldt wear dat. Dat way, I can tell her you did wear it and she won't have to keep saying she'll never wear it. Dat might be da best disguise, for no one wouldt believe dere princess wouldt be wearing dat.

See you den
I'm counting on you!



What's going on?
Romelle said you were coming here to talk to Keith. Keith cancelled his workout session with me...he said you had to talk to him. Now...you say to meet you at Mrs. Jeans.

Okay... and I won't tell anyone...especially Keith. Goodness knows he'll only think I'm plotting something against him...or for him, depending on how you look at it.

Fine… I'll be there. And yes… I'll wear the dress Romelle sent me. It’s...a bit more revealing then I like them, though. But as a favor to you... I'll come dressed in it.

Until 8:30 tonight...




Well uh... Man… does Romelle tell you every’ting? Umm, I told her dat so she wouldt let me come. I didn't want to tell her I was coming to talk to you. She would get all-curious...

What about Sven? What's going on Sven?... You know...

Keit...well…he's meeting me much earlier…we need to talk about... uh...a defense strategy ting. Yeah, a defense ting!

See you at 8:30
But please don't say any’ting to Keit!



Good grief!!! Why all the secrecy??? Honestly... between you're secrets and Romelle yelling at Keith on my behalf...did she show you that email that she sent to him, by the way??? I can't imagine what Keith will think when he sees it... **sigh**

Fine. 8:30.
And, for the last time, I won't tell Keith. He's probably already upset with me over Romelle's temper tantrum all over the email! How can I face him, Sven?




I forgot to add. Please don't wear dat, ‘don't touch me, I'm your princess’ circlet.



Oh for crying out loud, Sven…

Okay...I'll sneak out of the Castle…without my circlet on.




Picture attached. I snapped it...just like you wanted me to! She looks really confused now!!! hee hee hee!!

See ya!

PS... Are you SURE this is going to work???

<Radio Transmission>


It's Perfect!
Dis has’t to work or I can never go home. Romelle's driving me crazy. ‘Stupid
Keit’ dis and ‘Idiot Keit’ that.
It just has’t to work!

Sven Out"

</Radio Transmission>


<Radio Transmission>


It had better work, is right! Allura's been moping around the Castle...Keith's been his usual, "I've got no business thinking about a Princess in that way!" type attitude. Even now...he's milling over some email that Romelle sent him today. He's fuming...shouting from his room...stuff like...

"What does Romelle want me to do?"
"Is she crazy? She knows I can't say that!"
"Oh, Come on, Romelle!! For Crying out loud!! What are you trying to do to me?"

You know... stuff like that. I don't know what that's all about, but jeez...he's been in his quarters since after Lion Practice this morning. He's a pretty peeved commander... that’s' for sure!!!

Pidge Out"

</Radio Transmission>

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