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- by Moira

The Suitors

1, Nanny Wakes Up
2, The Admiral Goes Fishing
3, Confessions
4, An Evening with the Prince
5, Interlude
6, A Nice Quiet Breakfast
7, The Interviews
8, The Preparations Begin
9, The Presentation Ceremony Begins
10, The Offerings
11, Epilogue

My Thoughts on the Suitors.


The Suitors

This story takes place during the time just after the defeat of Doom. There is new hope for the future. Galaxy Garrison is now expanding into the area so as to never let what happened with Zarkon ever happen again. The Voltron force, having fought to freedom, are heroes. Word has spread throughout the worlds of their achievements. Galaxy Garrison has its eye on the team members, especially one particular team member, trying to find where their talents would be used best in the galaxies. Planet Arus is staring over. It is time to reinstate the government and return to normal life, as it once was before Doom. And now, it is truly time for planet Arus to select its new king, who will lead them into their bright new future.

Oh, and I’m no good at writing in accents so you’ll just have to imagine Nanny and Sven’s. Enjoy!

Legal Stuff

Voltron, Defender of the Universe and its characters property of World Events Productions, Ltd. This story is for entertainment purposes only. Original characters and storyline are property of the author, please do not use, reproduce, or repost without permission.

Rating PG-14 to NC17.
The NC17 rating due to sexual situations and strong language.
It is not pervasive thru the story, but it is there.
So, if you don’t care for that kind of stuff, stop now! You’ve been warned.

On to the first chapter

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Nanny walked away, smiling. Returning to the hall her staff, all slowly noticing the strange expression on her face, nudging each other.

Eventually everyone in the room was watching her. She was blissfully unaware of their stares, a look of pure delight etched on her face. Every worker's jaw hit the floor.