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Volton in Comics, Robotech Voltron (2014)

Robotech Voltron is the latest offering in the Voltron universe, a limited run 5 issue mashup of two classic robot shows from the 80’s, Robotech and Voltron. The Author Tommy Yune has tried to stay true to the original source material which makes a very refreshing change from the radical departures we saw in Voltron and Voltron Year One. The art by Elmer Damaso is stylized in classic Anime which fits perfectly with both worlds. You will recognise immediately all your favorite characters from both shows.

So far this series gets two HUGE thumbs up from this Voltron Fan. Help support continuing new Voltron content and get it from Comixology or your local comic book store!

Issue 1

When investigating the Omega Comet (that Lion fans will remember from Episodes 39 & 40) Voltron is caught in a wormhole and shot to Earth circa: 2009, Post the discovery and resurrection of the Macros Super Fortress and the future as we knew it is radically altered.

Plot Bunny: Keith is too embarrassed to talk to Allura about how he feels about her.

Plot Bunny: The Omega Comet had Passed Arus before.

Issue 2

We go back in time and see Allura and Lotor as children as a delegation from Doom go to Arus to discuss a peace treaty. (and ZOMG you could just squeeze little Lotor!) On earth years have passed and we catch up with Roy Fokker as he is brought into the fold and shown the secret alien mecha that was found on Macross Island after the crash years before.

Plot Bunny: Lotor’s mother tells him the story of the Love Bridge. (She’s Arusian)

Plot Bunny: Lotor’s mother’s name is Lora

Plot Bunny: Alfor is a BAD ASS (not goona spoiler this one)

Plot Bunny: Haggar is tied to the Omega Comet

Issue 3 Release Date April 2014

Issue 4 Release Date?

Issue 5 Release Date?