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Fan Art by Moira

When I first started making fan art illustrations for Voltron it was a great vehicle for teaching me Photoshop. As the years have passed and my Photoshop toolkit arsenal has grown (as well as the quality of my monitor! No more old CRT, heh) my artistic style has evolved to a more painterly aesthetic. This rebirth of my old website has allowed me the chance to indulge in that new style. I will be revisiting my old illustrations and evolve them into new forms as well as creating new works to go with my current fictions.

Most of my illustrations are still based from a collage of screenshots and hand drawn elements so they would still fall into the photo manipulation/multimedia category but the goal now is to bring those elements into a cohesive whole that feels more like loose handed illustrative art and is mostly unrecognizable from its sources. I hope you enjoy this new work. And of course I will have some of the oldies but goodies up too. :D