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Art Vault: Zejan

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Pinky and the Brain meet Voltron!

Mouse Troubles Created for Adele's 'Ask Allura' and my old 'Ask Keith' mail bags that spawned the collaborative fiction 'The Law According to Love' hosted on this site.


Ally and Bear

Big Catch


Helmet I'm somhow remebring this one came out of a KAEX discussion. Those crazy KAEXers, lol.

Ice Cream and Candlelight An image for Claire Bear's 'Kitchen Raid' chapter of her epic classic story 'The Book of Finding'.

Nice Pillow An Illustration for Z's own 'Lion Tales'

Office Boy Some mandatory Lance eye candy

Snapshot A sneek peek view of Lance's mischief in Lynn's classic 'Bonds of Love'.
(link is to FFN but only a few chapters are there

Voltron Force PowerPuff, Because it had to be done!

VF Boys

You're Next Another scene from Z's 'Lion Tails'